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Education at the Amsterdam Law School

The Bachelor's and Master's programmes of the Amsterdam Law School are centered around research and the experiential side of education.

Bachelor's Programmes
We administer the Bachelor’s programmes in Dutch Law, Tax Law, and, in cooperation with two other faculties, the English-language Bachelors’ programme PPLE (Politics, Psychology, Law and Economics).
Master's Programmes
The Amsterdam Law School offers a wide range of Master's degree programmes. In some programmes, you will deepen your knowledge of a particular branch of the law, while others allow you to select your own area of ...

Experiential Education

The Amsterdam Law Practice inspires students to engage in research and deepen their knowledge. Students learn by doing while bridging the gap with society by seeking solutions to some of the issues it faces.

Practical Matters

At the Amsterdam Law School we provides a range of facilities to make the transition for new (international) students as smooth as possible. Read more about housing, scholarships and other practical matters.

Exchange Programme in Law

International students who are interested in coming to Amsterdam for a semester can either come through an official exchange programme, or as an independent fee-paying student.
Amsterdam Roeterseiland Campus
The Amsterdam Law School is housed on the Roeterseiland Campus in the heart of Amsterdam.