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PhD Programme in Law

Amsterdam Law School welcomes talented researchers who are interested in writing a legal doctoral thesis.

The doctoral programme

A doctoral programme takes between four and six years to complete. At the start of the first year, you draw up a research proposal and make agreements with your supervisors on the content, planning and supervision of ...

PhD study programme

The extensive PhD study programme is compulsory for all our PhD candidates. The regular study programme commences in September and runs until the start of the summer.

Want to obtain your doctorate?

Take a look at the registration and admissions procedure for paid PhD positions at the Amsterdam Law School. There is a separate procedure for contract and external PhD candidates.

About us

There are many people involved in the organisation of our PhD programme. For example read more about the PhD Programme in Law programme director and the doctoral counsellor.


Take a look at the list of doctoral positions at the Amsterdam Law School.


If you are thinking of applying for a PhD programma and have any further questions, go to the contact page to find out how to get in touch with us.