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Audience Award Humanities Education Award 2019

This year, an audience award will also be handed out. You can vote for one out of the six nominated courses. The nominees present their course in the videos below. It is no longer possible to vote in the Audience Award.

Nominated Bachelor's courses

  • Games (elective Media Studies), Toni Pape
  • Living Information (Media and Information), Mark Deuze
  • Legacies of the Enlightenment (European Studies), Matthijs Lok

Nominated Master's courses

  • Shakespeare, Sexuality, and Adaptation (Literary Studies), Kristine Johanson
  • Zorgen voor het Zelf (History), Justyna Wubs-Mrozewicz
  • Van wie is de stad? Crisis en conflict in moderne Westerse steden (History), Tim Verlaan
Kristine Johanson (Shakespeare, Sexuality, and Adaptation) & Matthijs Lok (Legacies of the Enlightenment)
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Onderwijsprijs 2019 Shakespeare, Sexuality, and Adaptation - Kristine Johanson
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Matthijs Lok
Toni Pape (Games) & Mark Deuze (Living Information)
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Onderwijsprijs 2019 Toni Pape - Games
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Living Information
Justyna Wubs-Mrozewicz (Zorgen voor het zelf) & Tim Verlaan (Van wie is de stad?)
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Onderwijsprijs 2019 Tim Verlaan