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Dr M. Deuze (born in 1969) has been named professor of Media Studies, specialising in journalism, at the University of Amsterdam’s (UvA) Faculty of Humanities.

Prof Mark Deuze, professor Media Studies, Journalism

Mark Deuze’s research covers two fields. One field covers the manner in which peoples’ lives increasingly feature in the media. It is hard to imagine life without media intervention. Working with colleagues and students at the UvA, Deuze will continue his research based on his recently published book entitled Media Life (2012, Polity Press). 

In addition he is researching the employment position and work experiences of journalists. In the Netherlands too, profound changes have been occurring in this field in recent years. Deuze plans to analyse the field of work of journalists practising their profession outside the context of an editorial team or permanent employment. This field includes freelancers, self-employed persons with no staff and a wide range of other business structures, such as formal and informal editorial collectives, as well as correspondents. Since such journalists form the majority in journalism, particularly the younger generation, it is vital to know who they are, how they manage to practise their profession and what views steer and add significance to their work. 

Deuze has been attached to Indiana University in the USA since 2004, working as senior university lecturer in recent years. He previously worked for universities, such as Leiden University, the University of Münster, and was a Fulbright scientist attached to the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. Prior to that, Deuze worked as a journalist for the daily newspapers Brabants Dagblad and De Telegraaf in the Netherlands, and in South Africa for Beeld, a daily newspaper published in Afrikaans. Via social media and websites, such as De Nieuwe Reporter and his own Deuze Blog, Deuze contributes to the media debate. He has authored seven books on journalism and media, among them Media Life, Managing Media Work (Sage, 2012) and Media Work (Polity Press, 2007). He has also published articles in Media Culture & Society, the International Journal of Cultural Studies and Journalism Studies, among other scientific journals.