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Campus guidelines

Coming to campus?

Give each other space where possible and respect each other’s boundaries and concerns. Check for information on when to get tested and advice on quarantine.

  • Measures on campus - written in text
    • Keep 1.5 meter distance whenever possible.
    • Cough and sneeze in your elbow.
    • Wash your hands regularly. 
    • Avoid shaking hands.

    If you have symptoms, stay at home and get tested 

    Get tested by the municipal health service (GGD) or perform a selftest, even if you have been vaccinated. If a self-test shows a positive result, always get tested at the GGD.

    The campus is open

    We want everyone to be and feel safe. We ask you to take of one and other by following our guidelines. Go to for a current overview of opening hours.

    Self-testing and vaccination

    Vaccinations and self-testing allow us all toe contribute to a safe campus and to further easing of measures in the education system. Therefore, every student is asked to perform a self-test twice a week. We also encourage everyone to get vaccinated (unless you are unable to doe so for medical reasons). 


    All buildings enable sufficient ventilation in accordance with the guidelines of the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment. Safe use of ventilation systems is a constant area of attention for us.

When to self-quarantine and test

Do the quarantine-check to find out if you need to self-quarantine and when you should get tested. Even if you are vaccinated or have recovered from corona. Do the quarantine-check.

Discuss hybrid working in your team

The relaxation of the advice to work from home means there are broader possibilities to work at the office and at home. The UvA wants to continue to facilitate hybrid working in the future. 

Find more information on how to discuss this with your team and supervisor on this page.

Order your self-test online for free

Self-testing will remain important. Order your test free of charge at


International students can get their vaccination any time after their arrival in the Netherlands. See all vaccination locations here.

You will not be required to prove that you have been staying in the Netherlands for at least one month or to have a BSN number.

More information on important topics