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by Richard Wolbers

Five-day course 9–13 December 2013

A five-day intensive course aimed at conservators, restorers and conservation scientists interested in new cleaning methods for fine arts surfaces, textiles and paper.

The purpose of this workshop is to acquaint participants with the formulation of preparations for problems related with both surface cleaning and to coating and re-/over-painting removal.

During the course, Richard Wolbers will present a general survey of the theoretical principles needed to evaluate and formulate tailored aqueous and solvent-based cleaning systems. Topics include:

  • the characterisation of surfaces
  • an overview of aqueous and solvent techniques
  • chelating/complexing materials
  • thickeners, gels, pastes and poultices
  • resin soaps
  • enzymes and emulsions

Chemical theory and case studies illustrating the cleaning techniques will be presented during morning lecture sessions. Afternoon practical and discussion sessions will follow. Practice pieces will be provided to experiment with and participants are invited to bring their own samples or problematic items to work out cleaning systems.