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In research into works of art and cultural heritage, interviews are conducted with artists, conservators and restorers, and increasingly also collectors, owners and heirs.
Peter Struycken interviewed by Marie Ducimetière (photo: Sanneke Stigter)
Peter Struycken interviewed by Marie Ducimetière (photo: Sanneke Stigter)

Students of the Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage program in the Contemporary Art specialization learn to deal with oral history techniques as a research method, and hold interviews with artists, curators or other specialists. This is often done in close collaboration with other researchers from the collection, for example from the National Cultural Heritage Agency (RCE) for this project. The resulting information is used for the treatment plan, a thesis and/or publication, as well as to engage the audience in exhibitions. 

Use case: artist interviews

Based on a use case from the UvA, SURF and DANS-KNAW will create a dynamic virtual research environment for the generated data in which multiple researchers can collaborate. Ideally, the audiovisual sources are immediately stored securely in DANS/EASY, so that both the owner of the artwork and other researchers can access these unique primary sources directly and supplement them with additional information. This pilot investigates whether the process of depositing and reusing interview datasets can be made more efficient through a link between a DANS Data Station and SURF Research Cloud. The system to be developed can be used generically and can easily be embedded in the national research infrastructure. 

More information on the NWO funded SURF-DCC projects on the SURF website.

Principal Investigator

  • Dr. Sanneke Stigter (Universtiteit van Amsterdam)

Project team

  • Dr. Femmy Admiraal (DANS-KNAW)
  • Dr. Annette Langendijk (SURF)

Project parter

Cultural Heritage Agency of The Netherlands

Dr. S. (Sanneke) Stigter

Faculty of Humanities

Capaciteitsgroep Conservering en Restauratie