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DIAL for Complex Artworks

Digital Index of an Artwork’s Life

The dynamic character and fluid form of many contemporary artworks challenges museums to think beyond their usual framework to fulfil their responsibility as a collection management institution. Yet, the digital infrastructure that should support this in museums, is not adequately equipped for such artworks, which may be variable or interactive, no longer mere objects, but including practices.

By visualising a work's past–and its prospective life-stages–the DIAL aims to make museum professionals more aware of the impact on the artwork as a result of their own actions. By doing so, the tool stimulates the investigative mind of the user. It integrates a reflexive approach into the collection management system, as it reveals the guiding factor in an artwork’s life–often the professionals themselves. 

Principal Investigator

  • Dr. Sanneke Stigter

Private partner

  • Wiel's Simple Solutions

Public partner

  • Kröller-Müller Museum

Research team

  • Frans Elbertsen
  • Marjon Gemmeke
  • Jannet de Goede
  • Jip Hinten
  • Susanne Kensche
  • Bas Mühren
  • Marcel van der Sande
  • Wiel Seuskens
Dr. S. (Sanneke) Stigter

Principal Investigator


This project has been made possible with a NWO KIEM grant within the Creative Industry programme.