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UvA Matching FAQs

Answers to frequently asked questions about UvA Matching.

Preparing for UvA Matching

  • Can I still enrol in a degree programme after 1 May?

    No, it is not possible to enrol in a degree programme after 1 May

  • Is UvA Matching mandatory?

    UvA Matching is mandatory for all prospective students who are applying to a UvA Bachelor’s programme for the first time (with the exception of degree programmes with an enrolment restriction and/or a selection procedure) and who have not previously studied at the UvA.


  • Do applicants at other universities also have to take part in matching?

    Each university in the Netherlands offers some type of matching process (also called a Study Check) for prospective students. However, the format and timing can vary from one university to the next. Take a careful look at the enrolment and admissions conditions for your chosen degree programme.

  • I come from a Dutch overseas territory. Do I also have to take part in UvA Matching?

    Participation in online UvA Matching is mandatory for all prospective students, including students from one of the Dutch overseas territories (Bonaire, Sint Eustatius, Saba, Curaçao, Aruba or Sint Maarten).

  • What is the difference between taster sessions and UvA Matching?

    A taster session (offered during the UvA Experience Days) is a study choice activity that helps you in choosing a degree programme. You can take part in taster sessions during your final two years of pre-university education (VWO), after you have attended a Bachelor's Day. Taster sessions give you a good idea of what the content of the programme is like.

    UvA Matching takes place after you have chosen a degree programme and submitted your enrolment application. The matching process helps you to test whether you have made the right choice.

  • How do I register for UvA Matching?

    UvA Matching takes place after you have submitted your enrolment application via Studielink (which you need to complete by 1 May at the latest).

    Once you have submitted the enrolment application through Studielink, you will receive an email from the UvA containing your UvAnetID. You can login to the Self Service/personal dashboard, where you can register for UvA Matching.

  • Can I take part in UvA Matching for more than one degree programme?

    Yes, if you have applied for more than one non-selective UvA programme via Studielink, you can take part in Matching for each of these programmes.

    We recommend matching for your first choice of programme. UvA Matching is not intended to be a study choice activity; you must make your decision before 1 May. If you are not sure which programme you'd like to do, we recommend taking part in the informational activities focused on helping you choose the right degree programme (Bachelor's Day, taster sessions and shadowing).

  • How much time will I have to spend on UvA Matching?

    This depends on the programme of your choice. 

After UvA Matching

  • What happens after UvA Matching?

    After UvA Matching, the degree programme will give you a recommendation on your enrolment. You can then go forward with your enrolment (in which case you will receive a message from the UvA) or decide to explore another programme. The UvA can assist you with this decision.

  • How long will the study choice recommendation I receive remain valid?

    A study choice recommendation for a degree programme will remain valid for one year. This means that if you decide to do the programme one year later (for instance, to take a gap year or because you've failed your final exam) you do not need to participate in UvA Matching for the same programme again.

  • I want to switch programmes after UvA Matching. Is this possible?

    If, after taking part in UvA Matching, you come to the conclusion that your chosen degree programme is actually not a good fit for you, you can enrol in another programme at the UvA. Preferably do this before the end of July (to avoid study delays).

    Please note: at that point it will no longer be possible to enrol in programmes with a selection procedure.

    If you wish to enrol at a higher education institution other than the UvA, be sure to check that institution’s enrolment policy.