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Prior education: non-Dutch

This page is for applicants whose prior education was completed at a non-Dutch educational institution.

  • Step 1: Read all the information before you apply
    • Please carefully read all of the information below before you start your application through Studielink.
    • You are advised to start the application procedure three to six months prior to the programme’s deadline because obtaining the necessary documents can require a lot of time.
    • Be aware that learning Dutch may take up to a full academic year for complete beginners.
    • Please note: to apply for an English-taught programme, you will need to follow the application procedure for English-taught programmes.
  • Step 3: Check additional requirements
    • For many degree programmes, additional entry requirements may apply, such as a mathematics test or prerequisite courses.
    • To check these additional requirements, select your study programme and check the requirements listed under Step 2 on the page ‘Toelating en inschrijving’.

    Selection procedures 

    Some programmes, with a limited number of places available, may have their own selection procedures. Find out more about fixed quotas and selection procedures.

  • Step 4: Language proficiency

    If you are not a native English speaker, you will need to demonstrate English proficiency in order to be eligible for our English-taught programmes. Similarly, for Dutch-taught programmes, all non-native Dutch speakers should demonstrate sufficient proficiency.

    Students must be able to read textbooks, understand lectures, take part in classroom discussions and undertake written work in English or Dutch (depending on the programme language). Non-native speakers of English are required to submit a valid English test score. The test must have been taken less than two years before the start date of the programme.

    Minimum test scores

    Test centres Selective programmes (minimum score) All other programmes (minimum score) Dutch-taught programmes (for applicants with a foreign diploma)
    IELTS 7 (subscores: 7) 6.5 (subscores 6) 6.5 (subscores 6)
    TOEFL 100 (subscores: 24) 92 (subscores: 22) 92 (subscores: 22)
    Cambridge 183, CAE B, CPRE C 170, CAE C, CPE C 170, CAE C, CPE C
    NT2 (Dutch)     NT2 state exam


    The following applicants are exempted from the English test:

    • Dutch VWO diploma holders;
    • Dutch four-year HBO degree certificate holders;
    • Applicants with previous education from the countries on this list
    • native English speakers (those who have obtained their diploma in Australia, Canada (with the exception of Quebec), Ireland, New Zealand, the United Kingdom or the United States of America)
    • Applicants doing an International Baccalaureate
    • Applicants doing a European Baccalaureate with English as first or second language (minimum result: 6)

    Applicants with a Dutch HBO-propaedeutic diploma can check their eligibility in the Enrolment Provisions.

    Please note that the entry requirements for Selective programmes may vary, You can check the programme for more information.

    Taking your English language test

    • Take enough time to prepare for the test.
    • Remember to take the test before the application deadline.
    • If your score is insufficient, you can do a resit before the application deadline. However, you cannot be admitted to a programme if your test scores do not meet our requirements..

    Test centres

    • TOEFL (the code for sending your score report in online is 9011, University of Amsterdam)
    • IELTS
    • Cambridge

    Dutch proficiency

    Prospective students must be proficient in Dutch to start a Dutch-taught programme. You can choose to prepare for the NT2 Programme II Dutch language proficiency exam in your own country.


If you have any questions, you can contact the Central Student Service Desk.