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Applying for a selective Bachelor’s programme

for students with international prior education

The University of Amsterdam offers several Bachelor’s programmes with a limited number of places. Places are offered based on a selection procedure.

Selective programmes

Two of our Bachelor’s programmes apply selection procedures due to their small-scale and intensive approach. Students who apply to one of these programmes will be selected through a procedure organised by the programme in question. You can find more information on the selection procedure and application deadlines on the programme webpages:

Selective programmes with fixed quotas

The UvA offers several programmes with an enrolment quota. These programmes can only accommodate a fixed number of students and carry out selection processes to determine which students are admitted.

The application deadline for these programmes is 15 January. More information about the enrolment criteria and process can be found on the programme webpages:

English-taught programmes

Dutch-taught programmes

Business Administration

Biomedische Wetenschappen

Communication Science Communicatiewetenschap

Political Science


Psychology Politicologie





Frequently asked questions about selection and placement
  • When can I enrol in the degree programme?

    You can submit a request for enrolment in Studielink between 1 October and 15 January.

    Students who currently live in the Netherlands will need DigiD to use Studielink. Make sure you have a working DigiD in time. Check if you still remember your password or apply for a new one well in advance of the application deadline for your programme.

    Students who do not live in The Netherlands can use Studielink without DigiD. You need a digital copy of your passport or ID in order to create your Studielink account. Copies of expired documents are accepted when creating your account.

  • How do I sign up for the selection or selection days?

    After you’ve enrolled in a degree programme with an enrolment quota in Studielink, you’ll be prompted to sign up for the selection or selection days.

    Applicants for Medicine or Dentistry will be signed up automatically.

  • When will the selection take place?

    The selection days differ per degree programme. For the exact dates, check ‘Application and admission’ on the degree programme’s website.

  • Can I apply for multiple degree programmes with an enrolment quota?

    Yes, you can submit a request for enrolment in Studielink for up to two degree programmes with an enrolment quota. However, there are some exceptions. You cannot enrol in two of the following degree programmes at different institutions: Medicine, Dentistry, Dental Hygiene (higher professional education) and Physiotherapy (higher professional education). For instance, you cannot enrol in Medicine at both the UvA and VU Amsterdam. You can, however, enrol in both Medicine and Dentistry at the UvA or in Medicine at the UvA and Dentistry at VU Amsterdam.

  • If my application is successful, can I enrol in two degree programmes with an enrolment quota at the same time?

    No, you can’t. If you’re offered a place on two degree programmes, you’ll need to pick one of the two (within 14 days).

  • How do I prepare for the selection or selection days?

    The nature of the selection procedure is a matter for the degree programme itself. For example, it may consist of a substantive programme combined with a test, or a group assignment combined with a motivation letter. Selection will always take place on the basis of more than one component. From September, you’ll find more information on the procedure for a specific degree programme under ‘Application and admissiont’ on that degree programme’s website. Most degree programmes require you to complete between 10 and 40 hours of homework prior to the selection round.

  • Can I tell from my ranking number whether I’ve been admitted?

    On 15 April, you’ll automatically receive an email from Studielink with your ranking number. Once you’ve received the email, the ranking number will also be visible in your Studielink account. The lower your ranking number, the higher your chance of a place. As an example, if there are 200 places available on a degree programme and 400 ranking numbers are allocated, the prospective students with the first 200 ranking numbers will be offered a place after 15 April. If a prospective student doesn’t accept their place within 14 days, the person with the next lowest ranking number will receive a placement offer. This will be repeated until all 200 places have been taken up. If a prospective student who has been offered a place doesn’t pass their school-leaving examination, a new place will be released. If you’ve been allocated a higher ranking number, you may therefore not receive a placement offer until later, for example in May or September – so be sure to check your email regularly.

  • How can I check that my acceptance of a placement offer has gone through correctly?

    You can check this in Studielink. Go to ‘Status’ under the degree programme of your choice to check that you’ve accepted the placement offer. Please note that you won’t receive an email confirming your acceptance. Your acceptance is also shown in your enrolment checklist.

  • When have I used up a selection attempt?

    You’ll have used up a selection attempt if your enrolment application is still active after the application deadline of 15 January. This is true even if you don’t take part in the compulsory selection procedure. You can check whether you’ve used up a selection attempt in Studielink.

  • How often am I allowed to take part in the selection procedure for a degree programme?

    According to the guidelines of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, you’re allowed to take part in the selection procedure for a degree programme with an enrolment quota up to three times. However, institutions are free to decide for themselves how often you’re allowed to take part in the selection procedure for the degree programme they offer: once, twice or three times. You should therefore check under ‘Application and admission’ on the degree programme’s website what the maximum is for the programme you want to study at the UvA.

    Any participation in selection procedures since the 2000-2001 academic year will count towards the total. You can find an overview of your previous participation in Studielink.

  • What’s the difference between selective admission degree programmes and degree programmes with an enrolment quota?

    The UvA offers seven degree programmes with an enrolment quota (Business Administration, Medicine, Dentistry, Biomedical Sciences, Political Science, Psychology and Psychobiology). The number of places for these degree programmes is limited. The selection procedure for these degree programmes follows the ‘selection and placement’ format. This is in compliance with Ministry of Education, Culture and Science guidelines.
    In addition, the UvA offers two selective admission Bachelor’s programmes: PPLE and Liberal Arts and Sciences (Amsterdam University College). The number of places for these degree programmes is limited as well, but different selection procedures and deadlines apply.

  • Can I accept my placement offer now and start the degree programme a year later?

    No, your placement offer is valid only for the year in which you took part in the selection and placement procedure and you must accept it within 14 days. After this 14-day period, it will lapse automatically.

  • I’ve accepted my placement offer, but have failed to pass my school-leaving examination. What should I do now?

    You can give up your place on the degree programme yourself through Studielink. In mid-August, Studielink will send you a message with instructions on what to do if you’ve failed to pass your school-leaving examination and you don’t want your participation in the selection procedure to count towards the maximum allowed number of participations for the degree programme in question.

  • Is my school-leaving mark or pass mark from Year 5 of pre-university education a factor in the selection procedure?

    Degree programmes are free to factor school-leaving marks or pass marks into the selection procedure. At the UvA, only the Dentistry degree programme uses pass marks as one of the selection criteria.

  • I’m from Bonaire, Saint Eustatius, Saba or Curaçao. How can I take part in the selection and placement procedure?

    Inhabitants of Bonaire, Saint Eustatius, Saba and Curaçao are assessed the same way as prospective students from the Dutch mainland. The practicalities vary per degree programme. Look under ‘Application and enrolment’ on the degree programme’s website for more information and enrol in the degree programme through Studielink by 15 January. Contact the degree programme in good time, and in any case no later than on 15 January, if you can’t be in the Netherlands for the selection day(s).

  • I’ve taken part in the selection procedure for two degree programmes. When do I need to make a choice?

    If you’ve taken part in two selection procedures, you’ll receive two ranking numbers on 15 April. If these ranking numbers entitle you to places on both degree programmes, you’ll also be offered two places on 15 April. In that case, you’ll have two weeks to decide which degree programme to accept the placement offer for. If you accept a place on degree programme A, the offer of a place on degree programme B will lapse.

    Another possibility is that you’ll be offered a place on degree programme A on 15 April, but only receive a ranking number for degree programme B. If you’d rather study degree programme B, you should still accept your place on degree programme A (within 14 days) and wait to see if you’re offered a place on degree programme B. If you are and you accept it, your offer of a place on degree programme A will lapse automatically.

  • (Medicine or Dentistry) I won’t be able to meet the admission requirements on 15 July, but I will meet them by 31 August. What should I do now?

    If you expect that you’ll only be able to meet the admission requirements for Medicine or Dentistry after 15 July, but in any case by 31 August, you must apply for an extension before 15 July. If you applied through Studielink before 15 January, you can apply for an extension by completing this form.

    You don’t need to apply for an extension for the other degree programmes with an enrolment quota.

Further information


If you have any questions, you can contact the Central Student Service Desk.