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Portret Teodora

Name: Teodora
Programma: European Studies
Minor: Law and Justice in the EU

Good mixture between theoretical and practical knowledge

What Teodora liked about the minor is that it explored different areas within the European legal order and within the European Union law. Even more importantly: it was a good mixture between theoretical and practical knowledge.‘ We started with integration which was more institutional and political. Then we moved into private law, which was more about private people and companies.

I noticed Law students are better prepared for a Moot Court, but our knowledge of the EU gave us an edge

Moot Court: ‘An interesting experience’

‘In the Moot Court everything we’ve learned in the minor comes together.’ Moot Courts aren’t part of Teodora’s Bachelor’s programme European Studies. ‘I noticed that some law students are better prepared to take different sides.’ But the Moot Court exceeded her expectations. ‘I think in some situations I even was ahead of the students who were just doing Dutch law, because I was already more acquainted with the European institutions, the European policy and with the European Court of Justice.’ The teams of the Moot Court consisted of students with different backgrounds. ‘Everybody could contribute with different abilities, that made it an interesting experience.’

Teodora’s future

The lecture on supply chains and on corporate social responsibility sparked Teodora’s interest. For her this confirmed her choice to pursue a career in European law for a multinational company. After her Bachelor’s in European Studies she wants to take a Master’s programme in European Law in Italy or at the Amsterdam Law School. She likes the University of Amsterdam, but she’s prefers to go to Italy because as a Bulgarian student she wants to go out of her comfort zone one more time.