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Examinations Boards at the UvA

Examinations Board

The Examinations Board plays a key role within the University. It is responsible for ensuring the quality of interim and end-of-term examinations. The Examinations Board is also required to assess independently and expertly whether each student meets the programme requirements for obtaining a degree. The Examinations Board thus plays a crucial role in monitoring the quality of the certification process.

The Examinations Board was assigned more substantive duties following the introduction of the Administration Reinforcement Act ( Wet Versterking besturing) on 1 September 2010, an amendment to the Dutch Higher Education and Research Act ( Wet op het Hoger Onderwijs en wetenschappelijk Onderzoek, WHW).  ’Independence’ and ‘expertise’ have been identified as key requirements in terms of the Examinations Board’s performance. These qualities relate to the Examinations Board’s position within the organisation, the appointment and composition of its members and its duties and powers.

Composition of the Examinations Board

Each UvA Examinations Board consists of at least two members, i.e. a chairperson and a deputy chairperson. The Examinations Board should preferably be supplemented with an external member. An additional external member will become mandatory when new legislation (scheduled for 1 January 2013) enters into force.

In composing the Examinations Board, it is essential to review whether it is assured of the required level of expertise in respect of subject matter and examinations. The law also specifies that at least one member of the Examinations Board must be employed as a lecturer in the degree programme or programmes for which the Board has been established. The UvA applies the principle that both the chairperson and the deputy chairperson must be attached to the degree programme or one of the degree programmes.

For an extensive explanation of the composition, tasks and authorities of the UvA Examinations Boards, please refer to the Examinations Board Guide.

Composition of the Examinations Boards Examinations Board Guide