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Faculty of Humanities

Minors Faculty of Humanities

The Faculty of Humanities offers a wide range of programmes in areas such as, among others, languages, literary studies, cultural studies, media studies, philosophy, history and heritage. If you would like to obtain a second specialisation next to your major, you can choose one of our minors.

A minor at the Faculty of Humanities is comprised of 30 ECTS credits and will award you with a second competence as well as a notation on your degree certificate appendix. In many cases, completing a minor will increase your chances of being accepted into a Master’s programme. The courses are scheduled over the course of one academic year: 18 credits will take place in the first semester and 12 credits will take place in the second semester.

Entry requirements

All of the Faculty of Humanities’ minors are accessible to those who have received a positive binding study advice from a university Bachelor’s programme. This means that you must have obtained at least 48 ECTS in your propaedeutic year.

As an HBO (professional education) student, you can only take minors that consist solely of propaedeutic courses. Moreover, you must have already finished your propaedeutic year.

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Choosing a language as a free-choice elective

The Faculty of Humanities uniquely offers more than twenty classical- and modern foreign languages. You can also use your elective to combine your major with language acquisition.

Studying languages at the UvA

  • Enrol in a minor

    In order to enrol in a minor, please follow these steps:

    • Step 1: orientation
      Orientate yourself: which minor would you like to follow? Please check the list of minors, and read more about the courses in the UvA Course Catalogue. Visit the UvA Minors Fair in April.
    • Step 2: enrolment
      After the UvA Minors Fair in April, you can enrol via the registration form where you log in with your UvAnetID. If you are not a student at the UvA, please ensure you sort out your registration as guest student in Studielink in time.
      Make sure to register before 1 June, so that you can register for courses in time (see step 3). It is not possible to enrol in a minor after 31 August.
    • Step 3: registration for courses
      If you are accepted to the minor, you need to register for the separate courses of the minor. You can do this during the course registration period before the start of the first and second semester.
  • Tuition fees

    Non-UvA students are not required to pay tuition fees for a minor, provided they pay the statutory tuition fee at their own institution. The UvA requires confirmation of this in the form of a Tuition Fee Payment Receipt from your institution.

    If you have not paid the statutory tuition fee at your institution, different rules apply. More information is available on the UvA Minors page.

  • Contact

    Central Student Service Desk

    The Central Student Service Desk is the first point of contact for general questions about studying at the UvA. Please contact them with regard to questions about choosing a programme, enrolment, student grants and loans, and living and studying abroad.

    Education Desk

    If you have specific questions regarding your minor, please contact the Faculty of Humanities Education Desk.

    Central Student Service Desk

    Faculty of Humanities Education Desk