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A.M.M. (Anne-Mieke) Thieme MA

Faculty of Humanities
Capaciteitsgroep Nederlandse Taalkunde

Visiting address
  • Spuistraat 134
Postal address
  • Postbus 1637
    1000 BP Amsterdam
Contact details
  • Research interests

    My research interests are multilingualism in education, daycare, and language policy, and sociolinguistics more generally.

  • Current research

    My current research is part of Project MIND ( It is about the peer interactions between multilingual children in daycare in the Netherlands. I combine quantitative and qualitative methods, e.g. social network analysis, observation, interviews, and surveys.

    My supervisors are:

  • App for social network analysis (CSNA)

    Wilhelm Thieme developed the CSNA app in cooperation with me for social network analysis purposes. The app allows you to track in real time on an iPad who is interacting with whom, and gives an edgelist as the output format. The app is freely accessible for research purposes in the App Store, as long as you cite it:

    Thieme, W.J., & Thieme, A.M.M. (2021). CSNA: Application for Classroom Social Network Analysis.

  • Earlier research projects

    In the past, I was involved in projects about equal opportunities in primary school (Anna Glazenborg, Folkert Kuiken, Sible Andringa), multilingual students at university (Heleen Vander Beken) and multilingual language policy in The Hague (Ingrid Tieken-Boon van Ostade). See the publications below.

  • Publications


    • Thieme, A. M. M., Hanekamp, K., Andringa, S. J., Verhagen, J., & Kuiken, F. (2021). The effects of foreign language programmes in early childhood education and care: a systematic review. Language, culture and curriculum.



    • Glazenborg, A. M., Thieme, A. M. M., Andringa, S. J., & Kuiken, F. (2020). Evaluatie Kansenaanpak Primair Onderwijs Amsterdam. Schooljaar 2019-2020. Universiteit van Amsterdam.
    • Thieme, A-M., & Vander Beken, H. (2020). Meertalige en anderstalige studenten in het Nederlandstalige universitaire onderwijs: kansen en uitdagingen voor taalbeleid: Een verkennende analyse. Kennisdeling Taalbeleid. [details]


    • Thieme, A. M. M., Glazenborg, A. M., Andringa, S. J., & Kuiken, F. (2020). Tien voorbeeldinterventies Kansenaanpak PO, Amsterdam. Universiteit van Amsterdam.


    • Thieme, A. M. M. (2019). Multilingual The Hague: Municipal language policy, politics, and practice. Poster session presented at Anéla najaarsstudiedag, Utrecht, Netherlands.
    • Thieme, A. M. M., & Smakman, D. (2019). "I was taught to teach RP": Native pronunciation norms in the L2 English classroom. Abstract from Teaching Language and Intercultural Communicative Competence in Higher Education: Issues, research and best practices, Leiden, Netherlands.


    • Thieme, A. M. M. (2018). Polder Dutch: Young Urban Mobile Females?. Abstract from Globalising Sociolinguistics Conference II, Leiden, Netherlands.
    • Thieme, A. M. M., & Smakman, D. (2018). Societal treatment of Dutch postvocalic (r). Poster session presented at Sociolinguistics Circle, Maastricht, Netherlands.

    Talk / presentation

    • Thieme, A.-M. (invited speaker) (8-10-2021). Multilingual The Hague: Municipal language policy, politics, and practice, 18th EFNIL Conference, Cavtat.
    • Kuiken, F. (speaker) & Thieme, A.-M. (speaker) (6-10-2020). Monitor Kansenaanpak 2019/2020., Gemeente Amsterdam.
    • Thieme, A.-M. (invited speaker), Broekhoff, P. (invited speaker), Mirza, U. (invited speaker) & van Ditzhuijzen, K. (invited speaker) (23-9-2020). Paneldiscussie Meertaligheid in Den Haag, Bibliotheek maakt je (taal)rijker! (Taalhuis Den Haag), The Hague.
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  • Ancillary activities
    • No ancillary activities