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Migrants and assimilation, divergent experiences of mental illness, education depending on social background, populist political movements, gentrifying urban space, the radicalising of vulnerable young men...

Application & Admission

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These are some of the burning social and political issues that light up social media and parliamentary debate across Europe. Amsterdam sociologists stand at the forefront of social scientific analysis of such topics, and many more besides. As sociologists, we apply critical theories and fine-grained empirical research to deconstruct and challenge common understandings of these problems, so enabling innovative, effective insights and solutions. 

In providing the tools and training to think critically and to interrogate evidence, you will grow to understand the world around you - its culture, its political-economy, its injustices - in a wholly new way. This ability to combine critical-abstract thinking with evidence-based examination is why our BSc and MSc graduates are so valued across government and other policy-making institutions, the NGO sector, banks, marketing firms, not to mention further social scientific research.

To illustrate a sociological way of thinking, Professor Giselinde Kuipers speaks about her research on beauty ideals.

Does sociology appeal to you?

The Bachelor's in Sociology allows you to develop expertise in subjects such as migration, inequality, healthcare, art & culture, labour markets, education, sexuality and social movements. In the past year, our students have investigated issues such as:

  • Why do women earn less on average than men?
  • How do social media affect the creation and survival of protest movements?
  • In today's society, to what extent does your appearance affect your job prospects?
  • How does the government deal with sustainability initiatives devised by citizens?

Closely examining our complex and multifaceted society

We will send you out into the city to conduct investigations using a wide variety of research methods. Every research question requires the correct mix of methods, making the conduct of sociological research a true craft: a craft that we will teach you. As a student of sociology, you will immerse yourself in surveys, statistics, in-depth interviews, text analysis, big data and everyday observations.

Classic issues

How does inequality arise? What does the success of capitalism say about Western European morals? Why is suicide a social issue rather than an individual one? Although these may seem like modern-day issues, the very founders of sociology have been poring over these matters since the 19th century. In Amsterdam, we take classical sociologists such as Karl Marx, Max Weber and Emile Durkheim as our point of departure for a journey that will introduce you to many other influential thinkers and fully develop your sociological knowledge. 

Internationally renowned academics

You will receive small-scale education at a highly renowned institute from a committed team of enthusiastic lecturers, many of whom are leading researchers. These academics are at the very epicentre of the social debate and their insight is frequently sought to discuss issues of the day. 

Compatibility with secondary school subjects

Anyone who enjoyed subjects like history and social studies will feel right at home as a student of sociology. 

Why study sociology at the UvA?

As a sociologist, the whole city is your laboratory

Amsterdam is the ideal place to study sociology. Everything you learn is reflected in this multifaceted city with a global reputation as a centre of art and culture. The 179 different nationalities represented in the city provide unprecedented diversity of people and ideas.

Convivial education environment

You will study in the heart of Amsterdam within a programme that greatly facilitates contact with lecturers and fellow students. 

Studying abroad

In your third year, you will have the option of going abroad for a semester to study or undertake a work placement. With regard to semesters abroad, the UvA has partnerships with universities across the world. 

Master’s programme

Upon completion of the Bachelor's in Sociology, you will be eligible for admittance to a range of Master's programmes compatible with your specialisation and field of interest.

Career prospects

As a graduated Sociologist your career prospects are diverse due to the broad skillset you obtain. On the Career Prospects page you will find more on your job opportunities, including a list of employers that hired Sociologist that graduated at the University of Amsterdam over the past three years. 

Student stories

FMG - Bachelor Sociologie - Gerwin Wezelman
Gerwin Wezelman

Gerwin Wezelman: 'Sociology: the whole puzzle'

“Huh, sociology? What is that?” This is usually the first question I get when I tell people I study Sociology. For many the study is less known than Law, Economics or Medicine for instance. So, what is Sociology? Gerwin Wezelman explains.

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In the Course Catalogue you can find more information about the our programmes and lecturers.

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Degree programme BSc Sociology
Mode Full-time
Credits 180 ECTS, 36 months
Language of instruction English
Starts in September
CROHO code 56601