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Dual Master
Communication and Information
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Spotlight on a course: Argumentation and communication in health

In this course we will investigate the argumentative and stylistic properties of the medical consultation, health brochures and consumer medicine advertisement. How does the institutional context affect the type and structure of the argumentation and the verbal presentation of the information and argumentation? Institutional constraints that are characteristic for the medical domain are, for instance, the patient’s right to informed consent, the ideals of patient centredness and shared doctorpatient decision making.

Jayna - Communication and Information
Experience of a student: Jayna

In this video Jayna will tell you more about the Master's Communication and Information and why she chose this Master.

View the Master’s Week Information session PowerPoint presentation

In case you have missed the previous Master’s Week Information session, you can view the PowerPoint presentation here.

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In every place at every time there will be differences of opinion. But many of them can be resolved with the right kind of means. That makes studying communication and argumentation worthwhile. In this time of fake news and misinformation a critical outlook on language use is even more important. Dr Bart Garssen