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Exchange Programme Science

Water Management and Water Supply

Future Planet Studies

Holland, and the Dutch, are famous for having spent centuries mastering the art of water management. In view of the expected climate changes, this expertise and specialised knowledge in water management becomes increasingly important, especially how to apply them in other comparable contexts.

Considering the growing global demand, questions about how to govern the use and availability of drinking water deserve serious attention too. The programme also focusses on the relation between water shortage and water surplus.

Students can further develop their research skills on water-related issues by writing a research proposal or participating in an interdisciplinary project.

Courses on Water Management and Water Supply

Period: Semester 4: Feb – April (+ June)

  • Desertification and Land Degradation
  • Water Governance
  • Water Quality
  • Water Management
  • Interdisciplinary project on water
  • Research proposal on water

For specific course details, please refer to the UvA Course Catalogue.

Entry requirements

  • Students must be sufficiently proficient in English, i.e. they must have passed the TOEFL test with a score ≥ 570 (paper test), ≥ 230 (computer test) or ≥ 89 (Internet test).
  • Students with a background in social science must have successfully completed one semester (i.e. a study load of at least half of an academic year) in natural sciences courses related to Earth Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Biology, Ecology, or Climatology.
  • Students with a background in one of these natural sciences are in principle admitted to all courses. Exception being Water Governance, as this course requires some background knowledge in economics, human geography or spatial planning.

Depending on curricular background, a personal, tailor-made programme can be put together that fits one's individual needs and motivation.

Note: The available places for international students per course are limited.

Specific course entry requirements: Water Management and Supply GIS in Future Planet Studies


For more information on the programme or exchange of ideas about the Bachelor's programme Future Planet Studies, please contact the student exchange office.