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Forensic Science
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Please find our alumni stories below. Indicated titles and employments are at the time of writing.


Yoram Goedhart MSc (BSc Psychobiology)
Graduated 2020
Forensic DNA at the Netherlands Forensic Institute

I started the Forensic Science programme in 2018, after graduating from my Bachelor in Psychobiology. Although neuroscience remains an interest, I wanted something with a more direct impact on society, leading me to Forensic Science.

Rosanne de Roo MSc (BSc Psychobiology)
Graduated 2019
PhD candidate and Forensic Advisor for the Court of Appeal of Arnhem-Leeuwarden

Before Forensic Science I obtained a master's degree in Psychology (specialisation in clinical neuropsychology). Why two masters? Both are obviously very interesting (I mean, neuroscience and CSI, awesome right!?), and I thought, what have I got to lose. 


Meike Kombrink (BSc AI)
Gratuated 2019

PhD Candidate Netherlands Forensic Institute (NFI)/UvA
I am now a fulltime PhD student at the NFI (and one day a week at the UvA) trying to detect steganographic content. Steganography is the art and science of covert communication, where (for example) an image is hidden within another image. I’m still in my first year of the PhD but am really looking forward to continuing this exciting research and (hopefully) get forensically relevant results. 

Steffan Jonkers MSc (BSc Bèta-gamma, major Chemistry)
Gratuated 2016
Forensic chemometrician/ software developer at Netherlands Forensic Institute

I graduated from the MSc Forensic Science in July 2016 with a chemometrics research project on fire debris data. During the master I was a member of the Programme Committee. I am working at the Netherlands Forensic Institute (NFI), mainly on the NFiDENT project, which aims to massively reduce the turnaround time for drug measurements.

Marissa Koopman MSc (BSc Liberal Arts and Sciences, major Biochemical Sciences)
Graduated 2018
Graduate assistant and PhD Candidate at l’Ecole des sciences criminelles of the University of Lausanne

After completing my PhD I hope to be able to continue to grow into the field and help governments and international organisations locate clandestine graves via remote sensing.


Nick Laan MSc, (BSc Physics and Astronomy)
Gratuated 2011
PhD Candidate: Impact of Blood Droplets at University of Amsterdam

Before starting the Forensic Science programme, I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in physics. When I saw that there was a master in Forensic Science, I just knew I wanted to do that. It is an appealing field of work and not so abstract. For me the master’s programme became really challenging when I started the research project.

Katrin Niedermaier MSc (BSc Biology)
Graduated 2019
Forensic Scientist in the Crime Scene Unit

After graduating, I was lucky to find a job with the State Federal Police Office in Berlin, where I am currently employed as a Forensic Scientist in the Crime Scene Unit. My job (and that of my team) is to manage crime scenes in cases of capital and serious offenses. We search for trace evidence, visualize it and subsequently secure it for further analysis by specialized departments. 


Remi Wieten MSc (BSc Applied Mathematics)
Gratuated 2014 
PhD Candidate - Probabilistic Decision-Making Based on Arguments at Utrecht University

I started the Master in Forensic Science in 2012 after completing my Bachelor in Mathematics. Though I liked the formality and rigor of theoretical mathematics, in the end I preferred to apply math to solve specific practical problems. When I found out about the Master I was immediately enthusiastic; I never knew such a Master existed, it combined many different disciplines and covered a variety of exciting subjects. Read more...

Felix Bittner (BSc Biotechnology)
Gratuated 2018

DNA Research and Validation Analyst at International Commission on Missing Persons
During the master, I thoroughly enjoyed the DNA lectures of Ate Kloosterman, to have such direct and personal access to his wealth of knowledge and experience was very enriching. This is of course one of the strongest points of the MFS programme in general, students get direct access to many subject matter experts.

Frederike Oetker MSc (BSc Science Communication and Bionics)
Graduated 2020
PhD Candidate working on detecting patterns and modelling criminal networks
Since 2021, I am a PhD candidate at the Informatics Institute at the UvA, working on detecting patterns and modelling criminal networks in the cocaine market in the Netherlands, in collaboration with the police. It is my dream job, as I always wanted to do a PhD and remain in a research environment, and I hope down the line I can take on more projects like this, as well as doing more teaching at the UvA. Read more...

Asim Q. Akbani MSc (BSc Biomedical Engineering)
Gratuated 2016 
European Patent Attorney Candidate in a law firm in Munich

I started the Master in Forensic Science in 2014 after completing a Bachelor in Biomedical Engineering from Karachi, Pakistan. Forensic Science in Amsterdam was my first choice because it offers a unique opportunity of a multidisciplinary education together with a research specialisation according to the students’ backgrounds. Fortunately, I was accepted and awarded Amsterdam Merit Scholarship for the entire duration of the programme.