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Forensic Science
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Students Forensic Science

Sander Hansen, MSc (BSc Computer Science)

"Already during my Bachelor Computer Science, I knew that I wanted to do something more for society than just work for a big corporation. In my minor, I stumbled upon a course about crime and immediately my interest was there. I did not want to do a Master where I would let go of my Science background therefore the Master Forensic Science was perfect, a combination between the field of crimes and science."

Floor Dussel, MSc (BSc Molecular Life Sciences)

"In the interactive classes I learned to ask more questions, the moot court has made me better at presenting and taught me to be more confident in front of a group. Currently, I am doing my research project at TNO, where I am looking into the use of portable NIR spectroscopy and chemometrics for detection and identification of bulk explosive substances pre-explosion."

Raúl Fernández Cereijo, MSc (Chemistry)

"When I found the Forensic Science programme I applied with excitement and prepared for a challenge: Forty students with different backgrounds learning the same topics? But once I started, I learned that our different fields of expertise were more an advantage than an issue."

Sophie Warringa , MSc (BSc Applied Mathematics)

"I was very happy to hear I was accepted and could start in September 2019! The master’s programme did not disappoint me at all. What interests me the most is the interdisciplinary factor - the variety of courses available and the way in which they combine to form a great field of possibilities."

Marouschka Vink, MSc (BSc Physics and Astronomy)

"In 2016, I graduated from the University of Amsterdam with a bachelor’s degree in Physics and Astronomy. I first decided on continuing my Physics-curriculum and applied for a Master’s programme in Physics. After a few months I decided to quit the programme because I was sure about the field I wanted to work in; forensics. I started Forensic Science in September 2017."

Jesse Verbunt, MSc (BSc Forensic Chemistry)

"Before I started the master’s programme in 2016, I graduated at Avans University of Applied Science in Forensic Chemistry. During my time in Breda, I did several internships related to chemistry and forensics chasing the dream of being a forensic scientist."