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Meet our students

Dao Khoi (Vietnam), Master's student ITIL

‘International Trade and Investment Law is a hot topic in developing countries in Asia, such as Vietnam. They want to bring their best products and services to the world market for a better income, and also need foreign investment in infrastructure and technologies. Now there is big shortage of experts for facilitation. 

I decided to attend the UvA, because it is one of the highest-ranking universities in Europe. When it comes to trade and investment, the Dutch have been famous for their trading history and for being the hub of international dispute settlement. The scope of some courses was wide so hardcore studying was required. When it comes to the skills, my legal writing skill is strengthened via multiple assignments and exams, and also my time management is sharpened.’

R.O. Fantini Cardenas (Mexico), Master's student ITIL

‘The first time I visited Europe the euro was just introduced. I was amazed that all these different countries suddenly switched to a single currency. I became interested in how the EU developed, culturally and economically. How could such harmonization be achieved from a legal perspective? I started to look for a Master’s programme. I haven’t seen this combination of international and European legal systems mixed with trade and investment law at any other university.

My favourite courses were those that involved trading and European law, such as International Investment Arbitration. All was explained very well by the teaching staff. Combined with the small classes this is very helpful if you come from a different legal system and a different culture.’

Meet our staff

Dhr. dr. Geraldo Vidigal

Academic coordinator of International Trade and Investment

‘In this LLM, our students learn to understand, evaluate and operate in the rules and institutions that underpin the global economy, affecting not only governments but all those that engage in economic activity anywhere. Besides learning legal rules, in their papers and Master’s theses students are encouraged to reflect upon specific aspects of the legal system governing international economic relations. They go on to work not only for law firms, but also for the states, international organizations, companies and NGOs that operate and help shape the global legal environment in which economic exchanges take place today.’

Dhr. dr. James Mathis

Associate professor in the Department of International Law

‘This track is dedicated to international economic law, the international legal rules of conduct that govern the economic relations for states and regions. Our graduates work for states, international or regional organisations or law firms dealing with international trade or investment law. The nature of the study lends itself to connections with international economics and politics. I am an Associate Professor in the Department of International Law and I obtained my law degree in the US and my PhD in Amsterdam. My primary fields of interest include regional trade agreements and international competition law. I have also served as a consultant for regional trading groups as well as for international organisations.’