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Who better than our students and staff can give you an insight into the LLM Public International Law and studying at the Amsterdam Law School. Read below what they have to say.

Meet our students

Two female students on the terrace of the faculty
‘Amsterdam is just perfect for living.’

Hyeonsim Lee (South Korea), Master’s student Public International Law

‘I’ve always admired the lawyers I watched on television who defended people from minority populations. Law is a strong tool to help people in need. Because of my interest in human rights, I signed up for a Master's degree in International Law. I chose Amsterdam because it’s a vibrant city: there is always something going on. You can enjoy all kinds of cultural experiences, like pop concerts, ballet, opera, classical music and art. Amsterdam is just perfect to live in, it’s not as crowded as Seoul. And because Amsterdam is an international city, with a lot of multinationals and NGO’s, I expected to have a good chance to find a job. 

The atmosphere at the university is international, with students from all over the world. You share different perspectives that really helped to widen my scope. I enjoyed the lectures, the internships and law clinics related to our program. We had a lot of reading to do and I don’t think I was the only one who was not able to finish before class.’

Max van Rij
‘You will find answers.’ 

Max van Rij (Netherlands), Master’s student Public International Law 

‘This Master’s programme matches my desire to develop an understanding of some of the main challenges our globalised world is facing. Through a course about international organization I was able to learn more about different types of international organizations, their legal personality, how they function on the international level. And, more specifically, the relationship between international organizations and their Member States. I was also drawn towards the course International Humanitarian Law due to my interest in armed conflicts. In this course you will find answers to questions like: when do we speak of an international armed conflict? How should we deal with violent non-state actors? Are terrorist groups violent non-state actors? Finally, the course International Refugee Law gave me sound knowledge on legal issues revolving around the Syrian refugee crisis and beyond.’

Phillip Morris
‘Everyone needs a lawyer.’

Philip Morris (USA), Master’s student Public International Law 

‘I decided to study law because I’d like to work in the space industry, and don’t like maths enough to be an engineer, but everyone needs a lawyer. After I graduate I will try to find a position in the EU related to the space industry. This Master’s programme gives me the right perspectives.

To me the most interesting thing about Public International Law is getting to know the rules dictating how governments function. I really liked International Investment Law, because everything revolves around money so I look forward to understanding how it flows around the world. After class I enjoyed meeting other students at the campus.’

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