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This minor program offers a fascinating exploration of psychology, from social to clinical psychology. For example, you'll learn why we judge people based on a single bad moment, and explore clinical psychology concepts like stress and resilience, gaining insights into why some people handle pressure better than others. By the end, you'll not only grasp how psychology informs everyday life but also develop the skills to apply these principles to your own personal and professional goals. 


The minor consists of 24 or 30 ec depending on your preference (and major requirements). It is scheduled in the first and second semester, starting in the first semester. You can find the programme and detailed course descriptions in the 24-25 Course catalogue from June onwards. For now, you can download more information here. (Please note: since this minor starts in 2024-2025, no information is yet available in the 23-24 course catalogue.)

Study programme

  • Introduction to Psychology (minor programme)
    Period 1

    The course provides an introductory overview of the entire field of psychology: the science of behaviour and (both conscious and unconscious) mental processes. Topics range from the biological basis of behaviour, perception, and learning and thinking, to the development of the mind and person, social and personality psychology, and psychological disorders and treatment.

  • Understanding (Ab)Normal Behaviour: Lessons from Clinical Psychology
    Period 2

    More information will come soon.

  • Restricted-choice electives:
    Period 1
    Period 2
    Period 3

    You can choose between 4 electives: Current Topics: Psychology and AI, Current Topics: Introduction to Cultural Psychology, Current Topics: A Clinical Perspective on Today's Issues, and Sexology

  • Social Psychology (minor programme)
    Period 4

    Social psychology is the scientific study of the effects of social and cognitive processes on the way individuals perceive, influence and relate to others.

  • Psychological toolkit: Understanding social behaviour in practice
    Period 5

    More information will come soon.

UvA Course Catalogue: more information on the minor will come soon
Minor Psychology: Applying psychology in everyday life

Entry requirements

Application for this minor is open to bachelor students who have completed 60 ec of their major, preferably their first bachelor year, at the time of their application

Please note, this minor programme is not open to:

  • students from universities of applied sciences (HBO)
  • students majoring in Psychology
  • students majoring in ISW (Interdisciplinaire Sociale Wetenschap)
  • students majoring in PPLE
  • students doing a master's degree


The registration period for a minor in the academic year 2024-2025 will start on Monday April 1st to Friday May 31st. 

Apply via the form here! 

Apply as a UvA student

You can apply from Monday 1 April to Friday 31 May via the application form that will be available on this page during that period only.

Apply as a non-UvA student

You can apply from Monday 1 April to Friday 31 May 2024 via the application form that will be available on this page during that period only.

Non-UvA students must first register as a secondary student via Studielink. Information on this can be found on the UvA webpage about minors. 


If more than 64 students (who fulfill the entry requirements) apply, a lottery will decide which students are selected and the results will be announced on Tuesday 4 June.

Only selected students will be able to register for the minor courses for the first semester during the semester 1 course registration period in June, from Monday 10 June 10:00 to Monday 17 June 13:00. Should any spots become available later, we will inform students that were not selected.

More info and contact

Not sure if this is a suitable minor programme for you given the schedule of your major or your future career plans? Please consult the study adviser of your major. For general information, for example about applying for this minor, you can contact the Education Desk Psychology

Facts & Figures
24-30 ECTS, 1 year
Language of instruction
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