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Circular Economy (EN)

During this course we will observe the linear economy and the current state of it. We will try to identify the externalities of this economy that have influences on the world around us.

After looking at the status quo, we will study transition theory and will try to tackle some of the problems that currently exist in our economical system. The circular economy is one of the solutions that were presented to solve the problems in the linear economy. We will study this solution, its benefits and its flaws in detail. We will also study other proposed solutions (such as dougnut economics and the biobased economy) and will identify the differences between them. After that we will look at the changes that both governments and companies will need to make in order to make the shift towards a circular economy. The students will analyse specific cases individually as well as in a group assignment.

This elective course is part of the minor Sustainability and EconomicsIn addition to students taking the minor, this course is also accessible for other UvA students.




Learning objectives

At the end of the course the student can:

  • Describe the difference between linear and circular economy, as well as between circular economy and other models like biobased economy, blue economy and doughnut economy.
  • Come up with real life of fictive examples of circular practices.
  • Apply the transition theory on the transition to a circular economy.
  • Measure circularity in multiple ways and critically review the metrics used.
  • Recognize government interventions that can lead to a circular economy.
  • Apply the theory of the circular economy on a practical case assignment and sharply analyze this case.


Dhr. T.L. Bulters MSc

Teaching format

Lectures, seminars, presentation/symposium, self-study / working independently on a project


Type of examination Weighting Resit possible Minimum grade
Homework assignments 10% No None
Exam 50% Yes 6
Group assignment 40% No None

Recommended prior knowledge


Course materials

Study material will be published on Canvas.


See Datanose.

Number of participants

100 students maximum. First come first serve.


See website.


UvA-students can register themselves from 9 June (look for code 5512CIEC6Y in SIS) until a week before the start of the course. If you have any trouble while registering please contact:

This course is not accessible to other interested parties.

Circular Economy (EN)
Mode Short-term
Credits 6 ECTS,
Language of instruction English
Starts in September