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Copyright: Joram Mul
I am an assistant professor and group leader of the Fit Brain Lab at the Swammerdam Institute for Life Sciences and the coordinator for the course 'Neuroscience: From Cell to Behavior' in the Master programme Brain and Cognitive Sciences. I have a background in molecular neurobiology and the Fit Brain Lab investigates adaptations in the brain underlying the beneficial effects of physical activity on stress resilience and cognition. Joram Mul
Copyright: Jeannette Schaeffer
I am a Professor of Language Acquisition, and for the past 10 years I’ve been working on language development in relation to other cognitive functions in autism and other language-affecting disorders. What fascinates me in this field is the interdisciplinarity. I coordinate the MBCS course Cognition & Language Development, which is my favourite course to teach. It brings together top students from many different disciplines, which makes for very interesting discussions. We all learn a lot from each other, including myself. Jeannette Schaeffer
Copyright: Bob Bronshoff
I continue to be fascinated by language and intelligence - how do we do know all those subtle rules of language, how come we sometimes find simple things so difficult, and at the same time carry out complex tasks effortlessly? Jelle Zuidema
Copyright: Jeroen Oerlemans
As a lecturer in the Research Master's in Brain and Cognitive Sciences with a background in model-based cognitive neuroscience, as well as serving as the Scientific Director of the Amsterdam Brain and Cognition (ABC) network, I have the pleasure and honour to work in a highly interdisciplinary environment. Every year, the MBCS master attracts outstanding and highly talented students from all over the world. Working with these students and facilitating their next steps in academia while connecting them to the rich Brain and Cognition environment in Amsterdam is great fun. As such, deciding for this interdisciplinary Research Master programme is an important and excellent choice and we are all looking forward working with you! Birte Forstmann