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Brain and Cognitive Sciences
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dr. Jelle Zuidema

'I continue to be fascinated by language and intelligence - how do we do know all those subtle rules of language, how come we sometimes find simple things so difficult, and at the same time carry out complex tasks effortlessly?'

Cognitive science is the frontier of modern science, with many of the central puzzles still unsolved but lots of exciting discoveries around the corner. In my research I focus on language, and in particular the learning and evolution of grammar, using the computational tools from artificial intelligence. Collaboration with neighboring disciplines is essential in such interdisciplinary research, and here in the Amsterdam area I'm lucky to find myself surrounded by many excellent linguists, mathematicians, biologists and psychologists. It also feels like a privilege to teach and supervise in a Master's programme with so many clever students from many different backgrounds. I sometimes learn as much from the good questions and ideas of students as they do from me.'