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Brain and Cognitive Sciences
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prof. dr. Birte Forstmann

Birte teaches the course Introduction to neuroscientific methods and anatomy (INA).We are also currently setting up a new course called 'Advanced neuroscientific techniques'.

What is your own research about?

Our general research goal is to understand the brain mechanisms that allow people to adapt quickly to changes in their environment. Our work combines mathematical modeling with functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), diffusion weighted imaging (DWI), ultra-high resolution 7T MRI, electroencephalography (EEG), and postmortem work. Our general research strategy capitalizes on individual differences in psychological processes involved in decision-making and interference control. Process models and descriptive models quantify the process of interest for each individual separately, and structural and functional brain imaging techniques subsequently relate inter-individual variation in psychological processes to interindividual variation in the neural substrate.

What do you think about this master and the interdisciplinary approach of this master?

In my opinion, the MBCS master program is excellent because of its interdisciplinary nature, very enthusiastic students and teachers, a very flexible and open-minded program board.

What do you think about the students of this master programme?

The students of the MBCS master program have an international background coming from outstanding universities all over the world. Accordingly, their educational level is very high and most of them are very motivated and, what I personally like the most, curious and research oriented.


For more information about prof. dr. Birte Forstmann, see this link.