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Brain and Cognitive Sciences
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Wouter van den Bos

As one of the first official students of the Research Master I started the programme in 2004, when I just finished my Masters in Philosophy at the UvA. During my initial studies I already enrolled at many courses from different departments such as Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Psychology. This is how I got in touch with Lucy Wenting, the Institute for Interdisciplinaire Studies and CSCA (predecessor of the ABC), and naturally enrolled in the Master’s programme.

The programme was very special because it brought together a small group of highly ambitious, interdisciplinary and international students. More importantly, I think this would be the only Master programme that would allow a philosophy student to enrol in the a pretty hard-core neuroscience track. This meant I had to put in many extra hours, but never learned so much as in those two years. 

The Master was definitely the springboard for my career in science. For my Internship and Thesis project I spend 9 months at Princeton University at Jonathan Cohens lab, which lead to two publications (one by being my thesis). After my PhD in the Brain and Development Lab in Leiden, I proceeded with a post doc at Stanford University in the lab of Samuel McClure, whom was a post doc and main collaborator at my time in Princeton. Besides that, I still have contact with several of my cohort members of the Master. So, I can state with certainty the Master has brought me a lot! 

Currently, I am associate professor at the Department of Psychology, and always looking forward working with current and future students from the Brain and Cognitive Sciences Research Master!