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Here you can read about the steps that need to be completed in the last 6 months of your doctoral programme. You can also find frequently asked questions about this final stage.

Completing your doctoral programme (the final six months) requires adequate preparation. The roadmap in the Doctorate Regulations 2020 will keep you on track so that you don't fall behind in the final phase of your doctoral programme.

Supervisor submits proposal for doctorate committee

As soon as the completion of your thesis is in prospect (around six months before the intended doctoral conferral date), your supervisor must submit a Proposal for composition of the doctorate committee. As soon as the doctorate committee has been officially appointed, you will receive notification from the Doctorate Board.

N.B. Please note, you will need the latest version of Adobe Reader (Adobe XI) to fill in the forms. 

Setting of provisional date for doctorate conferral

Once you have received notification of the appointment of the doctorate committee, a provisional doctoral conferral date can be set. In the email regarding the appointment, you will find a link to the online calendar and an explanation about how to reserve a date. If you haven’t received the link in this email, please contact the Office of the Beadle.

When booking your provisional date you are asked to fill in the title of your thesis. With the confirmation of this reservation you will receive the title page as it has to be incorporated in the thesis.

Submitting the final manuscript

You will have to prepare the final, identical paper and electronic versions of your manuscript and have them approved by your supervisor(s) and co-supervisor(s). Once their approval has been obtained, changes can no longer be made to the manuscript.

No later than 14 weeks before the provisional doctoral conferral date (as specified by the Office of the Beadle), the final manuscript approved by the supervisor(s) and any co-supervisor(s) will be submitted to the doctorate committee. At the same time, the supervisor will send the electronic version of the manuscript to the dean for a plagiarism check.

Assessment of doctoral thesis

The members of the doctorate committee will assess the manuscript and will notify the supervisor(s) and the dean of their decision no later than eight weeks before the doctoral conferral date using the Doctoral thesis assessment and admission to the PhD defence ceremony form. It is expressly not the intention here to propose amendments or additions to the thesis.

Reproducing and supplying the thesis

Once it has been established that no plagiarism is involved and the doctorate committee's assessment of the thesis has been found to be positive, the doctoral candidate will be admitted to defend his/her thesis and will be permitted to reproduce (print or photocopy) it.

The dean will send the electronic version of the thesis to the University Library (UB). As soon as the doctoral candidate has submitted the licence agreement (no later than four weeks before the doctoral conferral date), the University Library will publish the thesis via the Digital Academic Repository (DARE).

Three copies of the reproduced (printed or photocopied) thesis must be submitted to the Office of the Beadle no later than four weeks before the doctoral conferral date.

Preparation ceremony

To prepare for the ceremony, you can attend a so-called beadle class. In this class, the procedure will be explained, and you can ask questions.

Beadle classes take place online (via Zoom) every Monday at 12 PM ( You do not have to sign up for this, you can just join. Please note: the beadle classes do not take place on national holidays.

You can find documents with the information of the beadle class here. You can also view the beadle class video.

Completion of your doctoral programme: frequently asked questions
  • How do I book a date for my defence ceremony?

    Once you have received notification of the appointment of the doctorate committee, a provisional doctoral conferral date can be set. In the email regarding the appointment, you will find a link to the online calendar and an explanation about how to reserve a date. It is not possible to reserve a date before the committee has officially been appointed. 

  • Where and when do I have to submit the three copies of my thesis?

    Four weeks before your defence ceremony at the latest, you have to submit three copies of your office to the Office of the Beadle. You can deliver them to the office: Handboogstraat 6, 1012 XM Amsterdam, or send them: Universiteit van Amsterdam, attn. Office of the Beadle, Spui 21, 1012 WX Amsterdam.

  • Is there a dresscode?

    There is no strict dress code but if you want to dress according to customary ritual, for the candidate and attendants this consists of tails with a white vest and white bow tie. The unwritten rule is: festive, though not too informal. Please remember that you will be standing for a while (approximately an hour and a half during the ceremony) and take this into consideration when choosing your shoes. Or bring an extra pair, just in case.

  • How do I arrange a reception after my ceremony ?

    To arrange a reception you get in touch with the catering company through The reception in the Agnietenkapel will take place in the reception area on the ground floor, in the Aula in the Tetterode library.

    It is not allowed to bring your own drinks or food. There is also no technical equipment in the reception areas.

  • How many people are allowed in the Agnietenkapel/Aula?

    A maximum of 90 guests are allowed in the Agnietenkapel during PhD defence ceremonies, a maximum of 450 guests in the Aula (reception area maximum 100). These numbers do not include the candidate and paranymphs/attendants, supervisors, doctoral committee. The maximum cannot be exceeded.

  • Are children allowed to be present at the ceremony?

    Do not bring children under the age of six.

  • Is it possible for committee members to participate online?

    It remains possible for members of the doctorate committee to participate online, if they are not able to join the ceremony in person because they are outside the Benelux. Your supervisor should indicate this with the Office of the Beadle, the beadle will contact those who will participate online.

  • Can my family members, friends and colleagues also view the ceremony online?

    Family, friends and colleagues (and other interested parties) can watch the defence via livestream. The livestream link will be sent to you by the web lecture service ( approximately six days before your ceremony. The link will be made public in the events calendar on the UvA website. If you don't want this, please inform the Office of the Beadle. If you would like to receive a recording, send your request by email to the web lecture service.

  • Is photography allowed during the ceremony?

    The rules for photographers are as followed:

    • The committee and you should not be hindered
    • Photos should be taken without flash and sound
    • During the layman’s talk it is allowed for the photographer to walk around everywhere
    • During the opposition and defence (the 45 minutes after the layman’s talk) photos can be taken but it is not allowed to walk around
    • After the deliberation, during the handing over of the diploma and the laudation, the photographer can move around the room. They are not allowed to go on to the stage in the Aula; in the Agnietenkapel they cannot go in front of the first row.

    You can hire a photographer yourself but can ask the Office of the Beadle for suggestions.

  • What time should I arrive on the day of my defence ceremony?

    You are expected to arrive (no earlier than) half an hour before the start of your defence ceremony. In the Agnietenkapel you can enter through the main entrance, Oudezijds Voorburgwal 229-231, in the Aula through the back entrance, Handboogstraat 6.

  • Are guests allowed to enter when they arrive late?

    When guests arrive late they will be let in by the doorman until 10 minutes after the hour. After this they are not allowed to enter, this would disrupt the ceremony.