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Research at the UvA

Academic integrity

All those involved in university education and academic research at the UvA have a responsibility for maintaining academic integrity. The general principles of professional academic conduct need to be observed at all times.

Code of conduct

The UvA endorses the principles of the Netherlands Code of Conduct for Research Integrity  (Association of Universities in the Netherlands (VSNU) 2018). According to the code, scientific practitioners must respect the principles of scrupulousness, reliability, verifiability, impartiality and independence, and are expected to do everything in their power to promote and ensure compliance with these principles in their academic environment.

A joint code of conduct for academic integrity is very important for research and is fully supported by the universities. One of the provisions in the Code of Conduct stipulates that, in the event of alleged research misconduct, all the relevant research and data will be made available for verification subject to the confidentiality safeguards established by the board of the institution (Section 3.2,  art.12a). The UvA attaches great value to this provision and will therefore refrain from the exception clause in article 12b of 3.2, not making use of the possibility included here, of not disclosing the research, including data, to an investigation into alleged research misconduct. The newly adopted Code will be evaluated in two years' time, and special attention will be paid to the application of article 12b at that time.

Academic Integrity Committee

One way to monitor academic integrity is to exercise the right to submit a complaint when employees of the University of Amsterdam have violated or are suspected of having violated academic integrity.

Confidential advisers

If you have any questions about academic integrity, please contact one of the UvA’s confidential advisers for academic integrity. Your questions or suspicions relating to academic integrity violations will be treated confidentially.

In order to facilitate this process, the UvA has adopted Academic Integrity Complaints Regulations (2013) and established an Academic Integrity Committee charged with reviewing complaints and issuing recommendations on their handling to the Executive Board.

Frequently asked questions on academic integrity


  • What constitutes a violation of academic integrity (in brief)?
    1. Fabrication: introducing fabricated data.
    2. Falsification: the falsification of data and/or secretly omitting findings obtained through scientific research.
    3. Plagiarism of other people’s publications and results (wholly or in part).
    4.  The intentional omission and failure to acknowledge contributions by other authors is a form of misconduct related to plagiarism.
    5. Wrongly presenting oneself as an author or co-author.
    6. The intentional misuse of statistical or other methods and/or the intentional misinterpretation of results.
    7. Culpable carelessness in the conducting of research.
    8. Permitting and concealing the misconduct of colleagues. 

    For a detailed explanation of the above points, see the Appendix to the Complaints Regulations.

  • What do I do if I suspect academic integrity is being violated?

    You may submit your complaint to the Committee, either through the Executive Board or the adviser. The Committee will then assess whether the complaint is admissible on the basis of criteria including: 

    a.) a clear description of the known or suspected violation of academic integrity by one or more specified employees of the University;

    b.) the relevant written documents or other evidence.

  • Will my complaint be handled confidentially?

    All complaints will be handled confidentially. The submission of a complaint may not result in any direct or indirect disadvantage to the complainant, except where the complainant has not acted in good faith. The same also applies to witnesses, experts, the advisers or the Committee members.