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At the UvA we conduct research with integrity. This means researchers at the UvA are reliable, honest, scrupulous and responsible. We work as partners, discuss problems and solutions openly, admit mistakes and support each other.

An important discussion

Research is a human endeavour that involves a constant process of making both minor and major decisions. Academic integrity is mostly about those decisions. Fraud and plagiarism are obvious examples of research misconduct. However, there is a considerable ‘grey area’ where matters are less clear-cut.

Power relationships and the need to perform may have an impact on the research process. This happens at all levels, from group leaders taking the credit for research because they obtained funding to researchers who refuse to release their data sets once their research has been completed. It is important to hold each other to account when this happens, discuss matters at hand or to seek mediation by a confidential adviser.

Contact confidential advisers and the Academic Integrity Committee

If you suspect that academic integrity is being jeopardised, talk about it or ask for support. Our confidential advisers are there for you. Thanks to their experience and knowledge, they know how to deal with complicated situations in this area.

Contact the confidential advisers and the committee

Submitting a compaint: how does it work?

Do you want to know how to submit a complaint and what happens next? Find out about the process from beginning to end:

Read about submitting a complaint

Rules, regulations and other useful information

Academic integrity training forms part of all UvA programmes, and researchers regularly discuss the progress of their research within their institute. A number of useful guidelines and resources are also available - you can find an overview here:

Rules, regulations and more useful information on academic integrity