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If you suspect that academic integrity is being violated, talk about it or ask for support. Our confidential advisers are there for you. Thanks to their experience, they know how to deal with complicated situations in this area.

Confidential advisers and committee members

All confidential advisers and Committee members have extensive experience in teaching and research, preferably gained at one or more Dutch universities. They know how to deal with this type of complicated, delicate situation, in addition to having an unimpeachable academic reputation and the ability to deal with differences and conflicts in an effective manner. The confidential advisers and Committee members are appointed by the deans.

What do confidential advisers for academic integrity do?

The confidential adviser will listen to your question or complaint, help you to try and understand what happened if needed and work with you to find an appropriate solution. This may include pointers for a talk with a researcher, or the confidential adviser can try to mediate. As a next step, the two of you will examine whether it is necessary or useful to submit a complaint to the Academic Integrity Committee. Whatever option you choose, you decide the approach together.

Who are the members of the Academic Integrity Committee?

The Academic Integrity Committee investigates complaints about possible violations of academic integrity and subsequently issues a recommendation to the Executive Board. 


The confidential advisers and the members of the Academic Integrity Committee have a duty of confidentiality. This extends to the person who submits the complaint and all others involved in the procedure.

Find out more about the way complaints are handled.

Annual reporting

The annual reports of the confidential advisers and the Academic Integrity Committee are both available to the public. Please note: These annual reports are available in Dutch only.