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Academics from the University of Amsterdam, Lund University, Freie Universität in Berlin and Queen Mary University of London embark on a pan-European research project examining the European spa as a transnational space. Christian Noack, associate professor for Eastern European Studies at the Universiteit van Amsterdam, leads the team of academics.

Christian Noack, Wiebke Kolbe, Henrike Schmidt and Astrid Köhler will be the principal investigators of this research project that brings together academic partners and non-academic stake holders from across Europe, among them several spa museums. The main object of the work is to rethink the spa as a core concept and object of European debate. Whilst previous research into spas has focussed on the historical evolution of the space, there has been to date no detailed empirical study examining the European spa and its transnational nature and the distinct practices associated with it.

The project has been awarded just under €1 million by Humanities in the European Research Area (HERA) programme. Noack: 'Thanks to the HERA grant, we can transcend parochialisms and thoroughly research European spa history and spa culture in a truly transnational and interdisciplinary approach.'

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