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Executive Programme in Management Studies

Student testimonial

Paul de Lange

'Following the EPMS programme creates a way of thinking that you can apply to any situation in practice'

Paul de Lange, Global Service Delivery Lead, Fund Services at TMF Group

'For years, I felt like I was not quite done with learning and the idea of doing a part-time Master's was probably on my mind for over 5 years before I enrolled to the EPMS programme. After visiting some information evenings, I became more and more enthusiastic about actually starting the programme. My objective was, on the one hand, to develop a more well-rounded understanding of business across industries. On the other hand, I aimed to prove to myself that I can demonstrate the discipline needed to complete the programme within the standard time frame and with good results to show for.'

'I would say that a continuous focus and discipline is a hard requirement for an EPMS student, as the pace of the programme is high. The upside of that, is that the amount of learning you go through within a given semester is incredible. What really exceeded my expectations, was the comradery that comes with teaming-up with fellow students. Pulling through the more intense periods as a group, especially because assignments and exams are relatively close together in time, really supports every individual in that same situation.'

'Having some working experience before going through the EPMS programme is a significant advantage as it allows you to quickly connect theory to practice in your own organisation. The key thing I have learned is to be a more critical thinker. I have learned to assess situations from multiple viewpoints. This results in a transferable skill-set that has great value in any company. Whether you want to initiate new projects, make more impactful decisions or whether commercial activities are your focus, in all these situations I have learned to interpret such events from an organisational standpoint and to view each from a multi-stakeholder perspective. As an example, in sales the question I now always dive into first is: what is the problem the prospective client is trying to solve?'

'The EPMS programme offers quite a bit of flexibility, meaning you can select a track in order to specialise in either leadership, digital business or strategy. On top of that, there are elective courses which allow you to tailor your version of the EPMS programme to content that interests you most and/or adds the most value given the career path you are on.'

'Another strength is the collective assignments that instill collaboration and bonding with your fellow students. Those relationships go beyond the group assignments and result in being in it together from start to finish, while making new friends along the way.'

'I have noticed that following the EPMS programme creates a way of thinking that you can apply to any situation in practice. Viewing things with theory in mind, from multiple angels and trough the lenses of multiple stakeholders, allows you to make more considerate decisions while it also enables you to better interpret what is happening around you.'

'In order to make time for the programme, I worked 4 days a week for 9 hours a day. Each Friday was entirely reserved for the EPMS programme. I think it is fair to say that I also invested a considerable amount of time during the evenings and weekends. To have a good understanding of this time investment beforehand, and to have clear arrangements with your employer, is key.'

'I would suggest to think about your planning in advance and to critically anticipate what your week will look like when you are attending classes on Fridays and make sure you are prepared for those classes beforehand. That simply means that you will have less time for other things in life, while you are following the programme. Nevertheless, I think the time I invested in the EPMS programme was well spent and completing the programme feels beyond rewarding.'