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The versatility of our Master's in Economics equips our graduates with a broad skill set, allowing them to excel in a wide range of professions, including finance, government, research, consulting, and beyond. Our Economics and Business Career Centre offers you plenty of support in exploring your options, developing soft skills and connecting to companies.
Average time to find a job

2 months

Average starting salary


Live and work in the Netherlands for 1 year

Orientation Year Permit

Where do our graduates work?
  • Consultant

    Graduates can work as economic consultants, offering expertise to governments, organisations, and businesses seeking guidance on economics matters such as economic forecasting, cost-benefit analysis and policy impact assessments. 

  • Environmental Economist

    Graduates may focus on environmental economics, studying the economic impact of environmental policies and sustainability initiatives.

  • Financial Analyst

    Alumni can pursue careers as financial analysts, assessing investment opportunities, conducting risk assessments, and providing financial advice.

  • Policy Analyst

    Graduates can take on roles as policy analysts, evaluating the impact of economic policies and proposing recommendations to governments and organisations.

  • Data Analyst

    Graduates skilled in data analysis can find roles as data analysts, using data to inform business decisions and economic forecasting.

Career in research

Career tips from our alumni

Why did these alumni Minke van der Heijden, Maurits Kruithof and Boudewijn Wijnands decide to study Economics at the University of Amsterdam?  And where do they work now?

Alumni network

All graduates have access to our extensive alumni network, with more than 186.000 alumni worldwide. This network empowers graduates to connect with fellow alumni, students, staff, and corporate relations of UvA Economics and Business. They can explore their fields of interest and discover new opportunities.

Career preparation during your Master's

Our Career Centre is here to help you prepare for your professional career. This team of personal development assistants, career coaches, and internship advisors will assist you in increasing your employability and confidence after graduation. Benefit from:

  • career coaching
  • professional skills workshops
  • CV checks
  • networking events

Internship and exchange

If you have completed your curriculum, you can do an internship or go on an exchange abroad. For international students it is an excellent opportunity to experience the Dutch labour market.

'Being a talented student has little to do with being a talented worker'

Alumnus Mark Walschot: 'Academic schooling of any sort makes you think about problems in a pretty structured, analytical way. This can be tremendously useful when running a company. As for my studies specifically, I guess I apply courses on strategy, mathematics and maybe marketing most frequently, but I mostly do this subconsciously.'