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This month’s blog is dedicated to astronomy and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) resources for kids in preparation for our kids’ astronomy event on January 22nd at 5pm. Recently, it has been more difficult for children to visit museums or attend stargazing events in person. We want to keep children excited about science despite being stuck at home and here we are outlining some resources that can help.

A table full of crafts materials surrounded by kids and a volunteer helping them create pulsars
Kids making their own pulsars out of craft materials

ESA Kids (Dutch and English)

The European Space Agency has a number of astronomy and science related resources for children. There are blog entries on some cool astronomy experiments, games, competitions, craft projects, educational videos and footage from the international space station.

NEMO Explore at Home (Dutch and English)

NEMO have all kinds of resources available, such as fun facts, quizzes and simple DIY experiments. There is a wide range of topics meaning you will be able to find something for any age. Your child can get hands-on and most importantly have some fun while learning. Teaching Materials (Dutch) have a number of astronomy teaching resources for primary and secondary level education. They also share tips and ideas on how to do astronomy from home, with links to example experiments, observing tips and activity books.

A group of three girls with diy-spectroscopes
A group of girls with diy-spectroscopes

NASA Kids Club (English)

Aimed at children up to age 9, NASA have a number of resources including astronomy-themed activity booklets that you can print from home, crafty project tutorials e.g. “how to build your own straw rocket”, fun computer games, and even astronomy-themed stories.

Hopefully these resources will help while some others are not available. Once some restrictions have lifted, there is plenty to get involved with. For example, planetariums are a great experience for the entire family, the JWG regularly host astronomy outings for children, and at the API we host stargazing events and open days annually. With the resources outlined here, we hope you and your child can learn about science and have a great time doing so.