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Research at the Faculty of Science covers the full spectrum of natural sciences. No matter whether our researchers use a microscope or telescope, are focused on planet Earth or the universe, the present, past or future, they all have one thing in common: they are driven by a strong sense of curiosity about the fundamental workings of our world. They are also driven to apply this knowledge in order to solve the major social issues of our time. As a part of this effort, our institutes collaborate on in-depth multidisciplinary research themes and team up with numerous social and industrial partners.

Research environment

Eight research institutes are affiliated with the Faculty of Science in the disciplines of Astronomy, Computing Science, Biology, Logic, Physics, Mathematics, Life Sciences and Chemistry. 

UvA and VU Amsterdam collaboration

The science faculties of the UvA and VU University Amsterdam have been collaborating in many different areas for many years now. The goal of this collaboration is to improve teaching, research and knowledge valorisation. This objective is achieved by pooling substantively related research, sharing specialist facilities, collaborating with other science-related Bachelor's programmes and by creating a scientific environment that attracts external parties.