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The Faculty of Science has a student body of around 6,500, as well as 1,700 members of staff working in education, research or support services. The faculty consists of eight research institutes, the Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies, the College of Science and three Graduate Schools.

Organisation chart

Organisation chart Faculty of Science
Organisation chart Faculty of Science.

Facts and figures about the Faculty

Every year, the Faculty of Science publishes an Annual Review with facts, figures and research highlights. Some interesting facts and figures:

  • There are roughly 400 PhD candidates at the Faculty of Science (including scholarship students).
  • Every year, around 100 doctoral degrees are conferred
  • About 25% of the Faculty’s research is financed through grants and awards
  • The Faculty organises a monthly colloquium for staff to exchange ideas and learn about what’s going in other research institutes

Research institutes

Scientific staff is formally appointed by one of the eight research institutes at the Faculty of Science. Each research institute has their own website, detailing the scope and focus of the research being conducted and providing up-to-date information on institute-related news, people and activities.

Researchers at the Faculty of Science

Women in the Faculty of Science

Women in the Faculty of Science (WiF) is the support network for female scientific staff at the Faculty of Science. 

Lecturers' support site

The Education Support Centre (ESC) provides support for lecturers in a variety of ways. On their comprehensive Lecturers' site you can find information about course catalogues and time tables. As well as information on grade administration, teaching regulations and the options available for professional development. 

Terms of employment in our A-Z list

Terms of employment as well as other general information about working at the UvA, including on practical matters such as IT-support and facilities is available in the A-Z list on our Extranet.

Appointment and promotion criteria

Candidates for scientific positions at the UvA are subject to a number of appointment requirements. In addition to the UvA requirements, the Faculty of Science has its own set of appointment and promotion criteria for permanent scientific staff. These criteria specify three results areas with corresponding tasks: research, teaching and organisation skills. Appointment advice committees apply the criteria in making their hiring decision, and supervisors apply the criteria in their assessment of staff for the purpose of making a promotion. For scientific staff themselves, the criteria offer insight into their career development opportunities at the Faculty of Science. The criteria are accompanied by a set of guidelines that give background and direction when applying the criteria. In this document, special attention is paid to preventing unwanted bias on the basis of aspects such as gender and cultural background when applying the criteria. Both documents can be downloaded here.

Safety guidelines

Health and safety in the workplace is the responsibility of each and every individual. The Faculty of Science has put together a general guide for all Faculty employees, students and guests. The guide outlines in broad terms how you can – and should – ensure that you have a safe, healthy and pleasant working environment. 

These general guidelines are supplemented by the more detailed guidelines developed by each institute, which are tailored towards the requirements of the institute’s field of research. Each institute also has its own safety officer, acting as a point of contact for all health and safety related issues.

Working at the University of Amsterdam

The University of Amsterdam (UvA) has a long and rich history. First established as the Athenaeum Illustre in 1632, today the UvA is one of the largest comprehensive research universities in Europe with over 30,000 students and 5,000 employees representing more than 100 nationalities.

Every year UvA-researchers publish around 10,000 articles in scientific journals. Fundamental research conducted at the University is highly ranked internationally and our programmes for applied research are often at the interface of multiple disciplines and focused on societal issues.

To work at the University of Amsterdam is to work in a discerning, independent, creative, innovative and international climate, characterised by an open atmosphere and a genuine engagement with the city of Amsterdam and society.

Staff Immigration office

The UvA has a staff immigration office which ensures the provision of the necessary information to new foreign employees. On their website you can find information on immigration procedures, housing, finances and other practical information regarding moving and living in the Netherlands.

Connecting Science

Under the name ‘Connecting Science’, the UvA's Faculty of Science is launching a major recruitment campaign in the areas of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Computer Science. Our ambition is to attract top talent from all over the world to a large number of newly created faculty positions in a wide range of exciting scientific directions.

MacGillavry Fellowship

The Faculty of Science of the University of Amsterdam attaches great importance to the contribution of female scientists in research and education. For this reason we are continuing the recruitment programme for talented women, named after the ground breaking crystallographer professor Carolina MacGillavry (1904-1993), an alumna of the University of Amsterdam.