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The programme consists of an introductory course, your research project, thematic courses and/or a tutorial. The student’s research project forms the core of the programme. You will design your own research or collaborate with a staff member in her/his research project.

Programme structure

The Master's programme in Latin American Studies comprises 75 ECTS credits:

  1. Introduction course – 10 ECTS
  2. Thematic courses (mandatory and elective) and tutorial – 24 ECTS
  3. Research Project (stages I to III) – 41 ECTS

Introduction course:

The course introduces key subjects and approaches in contemporary Latin American Studies from different disciplines.

Mandatory courses

Socio-Environmental Changes in Latin America:

This course deals with current debates on the effects of economic activities, political decisions and social conditions on the environment in Latin America.

Memories Need to Swim: Heritage and Myth-Making in Latin America:

You will discuss memory mediators, such as films, urban public space and popular artworks, in relation to contemporary identity construction and cultural production.


The New Urban Transition:

The course deals with Latin American urban studies, in which geography, sociology and history are integrated.

Communities and Nature in Latin America:

You will focus on natural resource use and community-based management patterns in rural Latin America.


Tutorial (Lectura Guiada): instead of an elective, you can choose to individually study literature on a theme or development in Latin America. You do so under supervision of a staff member. The theme of the lectura usually forms part of your research project and strengthens your academic expertise.


The Master’s thesis enables you to write an original work based on the field research you executed in Latin America. You do so under the supervision of one of the staff members. The thesis forms the last part of your research project.

Pre-PhD track

Students who have shown exceptional promise and who have concluded the programme with good results are encouraged to join LASP. The LASP is the interuniversity Latin American Studies Programme and prepares students for a PhD- position. The pre-PhD-track is not accredited.

Detailed course information

For the exact structure of the programme and content of our courses, please consult the CEDLA Course Catalogue.