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The Bachelor’s programme in Actuarial Science is an excellent step towards a successful career. You can start your first job, or specialise with a Master's degree.

Specialise with a Master's degree

With your Bachelor’s degree in Actuarial Science, you are guaranteed admission to the MSc programme in Actuarial Science and Mathematical Finance at the UvA. This follow-on Master’s programme aligns seamlessly with your Bachelor’s programme in Actuarial Science. The specialised knowledge and experience gained in your Master’s are assets in the job market that help you climb the career ladder. If you want to become a fully qualified recognised actuary, you can also follow the advanced post-Master’s programme at the UvA which leads to professional accreditation by the Actuarial Society of the Netherlands.

Did you take a minor in a specific discipline during your Bachelor's? If so, you may be eligible for admission to the Master's programmes relating to that discipline. For some of these, certain admission requirements apply.

Masters you are unconditionally eligible to

Where do our graduates work?

As an actuary you can work for a variety of employers, including:

  • insurance companies
  • pension funds
  • banks
  • consultancies
  • the Dutch Central Bank (the regulatory authority),
  • other financial institutions and organisations
  • government bodies

Not only will you earn an excellent salary, there is also a good chance you will be offered a permanent contract and an attractive benefits package.

Starting salary (after obtaining MSc degree)

€5,250 gross

Time to find a job

Almost immediately after graduation

Job score


Source: UvA Economics and Business alumni survey

Career preparation during your Bachelor's

The Economics and Business Career Centre (EBCC) offers various opportunities to develop your professional skills, gain experience and build connections to prepare you for your career. The EBCC offers workshops, personality tests and more to help you improve your valuable skills.

Career events

The EBCC organises large career events, often together with study associations. A selection of the offerings include:

  • 'EBCC Invites'. Here, professionals share insights about their careers and how they reached their current positions.
  • Workshops to help you develop professional skills.
  • Workshops to guide you through the Dutch job market.
  • Workshops that concentrate on developing practical application skills.

Additionally, numerous other major career events are organised where you can connect with future employers. Think of the Career month junior, the Amsterdam career days, de FSA profession days, the International Finance Days, the Amsterdam Marketing event and the Amsterdam Recruitment event.

Frequently asked questions