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Daniëlle Ruiter, student BSc Actuarial Science

'I love to explain why something is the way it is'

Daniëlle Ruiter - the Netherlands

'I didn’t want to leave home and I live in North Holland, so I had two options: VU University Amsterdam or the University of Amsterdam. I went for a trial day at both. After those two days, my choice was clear: I wanted to go to the UvA. I felt it had more atmosphere and a more central location, and it would be a shorter commute. I don’t regret my decision in the slightest. I started out doing Physics and Astronomy, but I missed having a connection with the business world. That’s why I switched to Actuarial Science – a degree programme with a lot of maths, applied to the economy.'

'The nice thing about this degree programme is that, in the first two years, you do the same modules as Econometrics and Operational Research students, which means you can still make the switch to that degree programme if you find you’re more drawn to it. In other words, you get a broad education. Everyone comes into contact with my field of study on a daily basis. Insurance, pensions and banks are things everyone has to deal with and everyone has an opinion about. I love being able to give background information about current events, explain why something is the way it is and reflect on difficult issues such as pension cuts.'

'I love studying in Amsterdam. I don’t live in Amsterdam, but it’s very easy to get to campus by public transport. The central location means you’re never far from a terrace, nice shops and all the other amenities of urban life. There’s always something to do in Amsterdam. The Roeterseiland campus is a really pleasant environment. Classes take place in different buildings, which means you can get some fresh air in between lectures, which always helps clear your head – although it’s slightly less ideal when it’s raining! Every building has its own style, which is also very refreshing.'

'I’ve just completed my Bachelor’s degree, and I’m about to start the Master’s programme in Actuarial Science and Risk Management. I also plan on getting a part-time job so that I can start getting a sense of what the corporate world is like.'