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Student experiences

Natalie Park, student Archaeology UvA

‘Archaeology and Amsterdam? A great combination. You are surrounded by archaeology here. During the construction of the new tram line, for instance, many finds were made. As a student you will often visit the Allard Pierson Museum where you will study objects. In one of the other buildings in the centre of Amsterdam, practical workshops will take place during which you can study pottery, glass or combs or modified bone. The programme is small-scale; you will quickly get to know your fellow students and your teachers are approachable. Archaeology is a fun discipline for people with varying interests: we learn about peoples, cultures, artefacts, objects of art, and landscape. Each year, excavations are organized. This summer I went to the Czech Republic, but Italy and Greece are also among the options.’

Mara de Groot, alumna Archaeologie VU, coordinator Centre for Global Heritage and Development

‘I wanted to study “something related to history” and after a classmate took me along to the Archaeology open day, I became really interested in this field. Already in my first year I learned that the programme entailed much more than discovering old objects.

At the moment, I’m working as a coordinator for the Centre of Global Heritage and Development. I want to show how heritage plays a role in such things as identity formation, the sustainable development of landscape, economic growth and good international relationships. In the near future, I will be teaching heritage myself. If I hadn’t studied archaeology, none of this would have been possible!’