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Communication Science

The role of communication and media in society is the central theme of the Bachelor's in Communication Science. In this programme, you will study the content, use and effects of communication and of various forms of media, from radio and television to newspapers and the internet. Some of the questions addressed in this programme are: How does entertainment influence the lives of young people? What is the role of media and communication in political participation and citizenship? What are the effects of health communication and advertisements?

Study programme

The Bachelor’s programme in Communication Science at the University of Amsterdam focuses on the production, content, reception and effects of (semi-) public-mediated communication in its social context. Examples are the social news services, in which journalists mediate between information sources and the public; publicity and information campaigns, in which media channels address their audiences through printed or electronic media; entertainment programmes, in which recipients use media to shape part of their free time in a pleasant way; and online forums, where people meet each other virtually. The role, significance, and scale of these types of mediated communication are increasing in our society. Students of the Communication Science Bachelor’s programme study the causes and particularly the consequences of this increase, for society as well as for senders and receivers.

What is Communication Science?
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1st place on QS 2020 Ranking


Strong affiliation with top researchers - who also function as lecturers - from the ASCoR institute.


Studying 4 domains within Communication Science: Persuasive Communication, Corporate Communication, Entertainment Communication and Political Communication and Journalism. 

4 domains

Possibility to transfer to a UvA Communication Science Master's. 


After graduation

Upon graduation you will be awarded a degree certificate in Communication Science. As a Bachelor of Science you can enter the labour market. Most students however, decide to continue their studies and obtain their Master’s degree because they expect further specialization contributes to even better career perspectives.

Is Communication Science right for you?

Communication Science is the ideal degree programme if you are interested in society, media and communication. Our students are challenged to approach the communication process from various angles. They may be interested in working as a public opinion researcher, social media strategist, news editor, campaign leader or a spokesperson, for example. Prospective students, should have a background in economics, history or social studies and need to demonstrate a good command of the English language. 

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Facts & figures

Communication Science
Diploma BSc Communication Science
Vorm Voltijd
Studielast 180 EC, 36 maanden
Voertaal Engels
Start September
CROHO-code 56615