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Biological Sciences: Freshwater & Marine Biology (track)


Water covers about 70% of our planet. It plays an important role in the global climate and is a source of food, minerals, energy and recreation. Aquatic ecosystems teem with organisms, ranging from tiny phytoplankton and zooplankton to coral, fish, and whales. Unfortunately, aquatic ecosystems are also used as 'dumping grounds' for much of society's waste and are profoundly affected by global change. In the Master's track Freshwater and Marine Biology these topics are investigated from different perspectives, ranging from molecular studies to laboratory experiments and field investigations, long-term monitoring and the development of advanced mathematical models.

What is this programme about?

Students and lecturers from the track Freshwater & Marine Biology in the Master' s programme Biological Sciences tell you what to expect from this programme and discuss career opportunities once you have graduated.

Discover the Master's track

The Master's programme Biological sciences offers specialisations in 4 tracks. Freshwater & Marine Biology is one of them. The other tracks are:  

The study programme 

In the two-year track Freshwater & Marine Biology in the Master's programme Biological Sciences you will immerse yourself in research ranging from tropical marine biology to the ecology of wetlands ecosystems. 

Unique study programme in the Netherlands

Attention for both freshwater and marine ecosystems and for scientific disciplines relevant to aquatic ecosystems

Topics investigated from different perspectives

Molecular studies, laboratory experiments, field investigations, development of mathematical models and more

World renowned affiliated research programmes

Laboratory and field work in close collaboration with these institutes

Meet the people

How to get to know this track better than via its students and teachers? Check the list with members of the international team of lecturers and read the experiences from Freshwater & Marine Biology students.

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It appeals to me that you spend a large part of the two-year programme on research practice, which can be done all over the world. Milo de Baat, student Freshwater & Marine Biology

After graduation 

Graduates of the Master's programme in Freshwater & Marine Biology have had an excellent research training that allows them to pursue their PhD. But they can also pursue a career in a different work field.

Is Freshwater & Marine Biology for you?

It is, if you:

  • have a solid background in biology;
  • are eager to expand your knowledge and skills in freshwater or marine ecosystems;
  • want to learn to address issues of global interest;
  • are looking for the freedom to compile your own programme;
  • want the advantages of a small-scale programme, where students and staff all know each other and you have the opportunity to become part of the national and international research network of the staff. 
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Facts & Figures
Degree programme MSc Biological Sciences
Type Regular study programme
Mode Full-time
Credits 120 ECTS, 24 months
Language of instruction English
Starts in September
CROHO code 60707
Location Science Park