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Education Information Law

The Institute for Information Law (IViR) provides the 1-year Master's programme in Information Law and the elective course in Information Law in the Dutch Bachelor's programme Rechtsgeleerdheid. Teaching is provided by IViR's international staff and is led by Programme Director Tarlach McGonagle.

Bachelor Education

The IViR provides the bound elective course Informatierecht in the Dutch Bachelor's programme Rechtsgeleerdheid. This introductory course focuses on information as an economic and intellectual legal commodity. European law has a major impact on this field, giving the course a strong international dimension. 

Master's programme

The Dutch Master's programme in Information Law deals with various legal topics, such as intellectual property rights (including copyright law, trademark law and patent law), telecommunications law, media law, Internet regulation, freedom of expression and privacy. 

Information law is a topical and diverse area of law where various domains (private law, constitutional law, human rights, administrative law, European law, international law) come together. Throughout the Master's, students learn to see connections and differences in approach between civil and public law. Naturally, the impact of new technology is addressed throughout.

Curriculum Information Law

The curriculum of the Master's in Information Law consists of two compulsory core courses, namely Information Law and Intellectual Property, the writing of a paper and eight electives, three of which are focused on practice:

  • Clinic Technologie, Media en Communicatie (law in action);
  • Information Law & Policy Lab (law in action);
  • IViR Research Internship (law in action);
  • International Media Law, Policy and Practice;
  • Patent Law; 
  • Privacy en Gegevensbescherming; 
  • International Intellectual Property Law; 
  • Telecommunicatierecht.


The elective course Clinic Technologie, Media & Communicatie is aimed at students who want to gain practical experience in the legal profession. Under the guidance of professors and lawyers, students work on solving real legal cases. Students provide legal assistance in response to information law questions from individuals, entrepreneurs, and community organizations.

Information Law & Policy Lab

Recently, the Information Law & Policy Lab (ILP) was launched, in which selected students work on policy issues, under the guidance of IViR's international researchers. Depending on the project, students write policy proposals, papers, briefings, legislative proposals, amicus briefs, etc. In this way, students actively combine the theory and practice of information law.

Study Association

Students can become members of the Studievereniging Informatierecht (SVIR). This association organizes social gatherings, visits to law firms and a study trip abroad. 

Postgraduate education

The IViR provides two international Summer Courses each year in the field of copyright and privacy.