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Master's International Criminal Law

The International Criminal Law programme focuses on international criminal law as a distinct field of legal study. You will choose one of the two tracks: a joint programme with Columbia University School of Law or the track International and Transnational Criminal Law without the exchange to Columbia University.

International Criminal Law - Joint Program

The Amsterdam Law School offers two Master's tracks International Criminal Law. A joint programme with Columbia Law School and a full LLM in International and Transnational Criminal Law at the Amsterdam Law School. Both tracks focus on international and transnational criminal law as distinct fields of legal study. We aim to train a new style of criminal lawyers who are capable of transcending disciplinary borders, by offering a broad and deep understanding of relevant issues of international and cross-border justice. And supporting the development of academic skills through the in-depth analysis. Students who participate in the joint programme with Columbia Law School will move to New York at the end of our first semester.

International and Transnational Criminal Law

The two tracks start with a common first semester at the University of Amsterdam that includes procedural and substantive law courses regarding the law of international courts and tribunals. Students will visit The Hague, the city of international justice, and work with international renowned practitioners, including International Criminal Court judges and prosecutors. Additionally, we offer a range of elective courses such as international humanitarian law, human rights law and the theory and history of international law. Students enrolled in our International and Transnational Criminal Law will expand their knowledge to transnational criminal law and will have opportunities to take internships or conduct research that is relevant for courts and tribunals.

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