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6 trees for UvA EB's 100th anniversary

6 trees have been planted on Roetersweiland in honour of the 100th anniversary of UvA Economics and Business (UvA EB). Each tree grows on 1 of the 6 continents, thus representing UvA EB’s diverse and international character. There are more than 40 different nationalities among our employees and more than 100 among students. If you walk past Roetersweiland, you’ll find the following 6 trees:

Fig tree from South America

This tree is common in countries such as Brazil and Peru, although you can also find it in Asia and Southern Europe. The leaves have a dark green colour and are hairy. A fun fact is that the leaves can grow up to 30 centimeters in size. The figs on the tree are edible.

Persian sleeping tree from Africa

Pink flower bundles grow on this tree between June and August and it can reach a height of 12 meters. The leaves close when it gets dark. The tree is native to tropical and subtropical regions, but can also be found in Europe.

Eucalyptus from Oceania

This tree, originally from Australia, has a medicinal effect according to the Aboriginals. The leaves are said to help fight inflammation and reduce diarrhea. The leaves have a gray-blue colour and are koalas’ favourite meal. There are about 600 different types of Eucalyptus worldwide.

Walnut tree from Europe

The Walnut tree originates from Central Asia, but it is now mainly found in the Mediterranean region and in Western Europe. With a height of up to 30 meters, the tree can get quite big. Like the leaves, the husk in which the nuts are packed is green. If you remove these, you’ll  find walnuts as we know them: brown, ribbed and edible.

Japanese red pine from Asia

As the name suggests, the Japanese red pine originates from Asia. Although the tree is called 'red pine', the needles have a light green color. The bark of young trees has a reddish-brown color, hence the name. Fully grown pines grow to about 25 meters.

Red maple from North America

The Red maple comes from the eastern side of the United States and can grow up to about 25 meters . The leaves are dark green on top and blue-green at the bottom. In autumn, the leaves turn red and orange.