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UvA Economics and Business (EB) is an inspiring, international academic community dedicated to studying economics and business administration and the crucial role they play in today and tomorrow's society.
  • Mission

    Our mission is to offer an inspiring, international learning community to study business and economics, where both students and staff can reach their full potential. 

    We prepare students to become well-rounded global citizens and professionals capable of critical ‘cross-thinking’ and independent in-depth analysis. 

    We strive to conduct ground-breaking high-quality academic research on innovative themes relevant to business and society, offering research-driven teaching that meets the highest international standards. 

    We are committed to advancing the understanding of business and its role in society, including its economic and institutional context, and to leverage synergies within the UvA, the Amsterdam metropolitan area and beyond.

  • Vision

    Our vision is to strive for societally relevant education and research. We aim to deliver outstanding graduates and make high-quality relevant scientific contributions to the academic field of business and economics.

    We explicitly opt for a research-driven analytical profile.

    That’s why we want to attract highly qualified students from all over the world who are interested in the fields of business and economics and who want to develop their skills through a combination of rigorous academic thinking and practical content.

    Teaching at UvA EB is research-driven and aims to deliver graduates who are able to analyse problems based on sound academic concepts and principles. A research-driven attitude helps students prepare for a career rather than for a specific job and facilitates employability during their entire working life in challenging jobs.

  • Core values

    We have 5 core values which define our education, research and operational processes: 

    • Responsible 
    • Critical thinking 
    • Analytical 
    • Engaged 
    • International

The Faculty Strategic Plan

Once every six years, the UvA publishes its Strategic Plan, in which it reflects on activities and achievements of recent years and determines where there is room for improvement and innovation. 

In the Faculty Strategic Plan, EB shows its course for that specified period, in line with the UvA’s Strategic Plan. For 2021-2026, EB has set itself 4 priorities. In short, these priorities are referred to as 'Impact Through Engagement'.

In the interim, it was decided to modify the Faculty Strategic Plan in 2023. The original core will continue with adjustments based on important external and internal developments.

Strategic priorities:

  1. Best prepare our students for their careers.
  2. Deploy our strengths to make an impact on business and society.
  3. Leverage our knowledge networks.
  4. Achieve internal and external appreciation and recognition.