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At UvA Economics and Business (EB) we are committed to advancing the understanding of economics and business. We stive to offer world-class education that is relevant to the international business community and society of tomorrow.

Key to high-quality education are talented and motivated staff and students. Together they form an inspiring academic learning community. Students can develop their talents and capacities to optimum effect with guidance and support from academics and education support staff. While at the same time, academics and education support staff further develop their own expertise.

With 4 core values, we are working on realising our educational vision:

  1. Research-driven: We offer research-driven and innovative education to enable students to acquire skills, a critical and independent mind, and knowledge to prepare them for a future career in an increasingly complex world.
  2. Relevant: We offer relevant education with respect to content, skills and learning methods, to enable graduates to develop as professionals and have a positive impact on society.
  3. Responsible: We offer high-quality education in a learning environment that stimulates talented students to take responsibility for their academic development to become responsible professionals and citizens in society.
  4. International: We offer excellent education in an inclusive, international and diverse learning community that enriches the knowledge and skills that students need for a career in a diverse and global society and labour market.