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Eureka! March 2019

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Results: 1 - 4 of 4
Results: 1 - 4 of 4
  • Massimo Giuliodori
    Member States distort each other's bond markets

    Around the time that a EU Member State issues new government bonds, yields in its own country as well as in other countries go up. As a result, all governments incur additional costs, which may actually be substantial, especially in times of ...

  • Hannah Berkers
    Hannah Berkers: ‘Nobody examines what employees actually do’

    Fixed work activities are a thing of the past. Hannah Berkers, who recently obtained her PhD as an organisational psychologist, discusses employees’ tasks, how these change and how this impacts employees, their motivation and organisations. ...

  • Dorinth van Dijk
    Marketability of real estate as a price change predictor

    Rising prices on the property market are usually preceded by better marketability, or more ‘liquidity’. Even the number of clicks on property site Funda can be a precursor of rising prices. Researcher Dorinth van Dijk obtained his PhD on the subject.

  • Amsterdam Business School research section
    Reducing process variation is crucial

    Improving efficiency and reducing errors in processes is the common thread in the long career of UvA professor Ronald Does. He recently received two prestigious awards for his work. According to Does, the number of avoidable errors can be reduced ...